Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser review

[SKIN & LAB] Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser




This is the first step from the Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight Series. I will be reviewing the other two products later on!





How To Use ?













The packaging is simple yet nice and looks like something that came out from a laboratory! I love that the plastic bowl and a brush was included just in case you want to use the ‘mask’ option of this cleanser! The brush is really soft and doesn’t irritate the skin.







As you can see above, the cleansing powder is light blue in colour and is finely grained.



It mixes well with water and dissolves easily with water. It didn’t foam as much as i wanted it too, but it wasn’t a problem at all ! If you would like to do a weekly mask with this – the amount of water is used is quite tricky. Too much and the mask becomes too diluted that it would be impossible to apply it on your face without it dripping all over.


My advice would be to use as little water as possible in the beginning, and add to it slowly if necessarily. If you have the ideal texture of a mask ( not too thick, not too diluted ), you can use the brush and brush the mask to your face.




As you can see from above, the powder mask sort of dries up to a clay mask! Just wait for 5 minutes minutes, and not too long because the longer you apply it, the more tighter your skin will feel after washing it off! So my advice would be a good 6 minutes, or when you feel the first signs of the mask drying up!



Cleansing Power




Cleansing Power was rather excellent. It managed to wipe off the waterproof eye liner and most of the permanent marker off our hands!


After Feel & Hydration


  • Used as a foam cleanser



Honestly, i was really shocked at the results. I was expecting a cleanser to lower my skin hydration, but it proved me wrong on the two hydration sensors. When used as a foam cleanser, there was no signs of discomfort or tightness nor dryness on my skin! Skin felt really clean and nice after cleansing.


As i could not believe the results of my two hydration meter, i decided to go one step further and test it by using the powder as a mask!


  • Used as a mask




Results were funny here! On the forehead, the hydration level went up while it decreased on the left and right cheek. I was also expecting really bad results because i purposely left the mask on for a good 20 minutes and my face felt reallllly tight and uncomfortable after cleansing. I was expecting my hydration levels to have a huge drop but it didn’t show otherwise!


I guess the only reason i could find for the forehead results were this :



I didn’t realize this until i saw the photo that i did not apply the mask as thickly as i did on my forehead compared to my two cheeks, so that explained why the hydration levels went up. Another reason could also be that because my forehead is usually oilier than my cheeks!



Ingredient List





Paraben free, preservative free, artificial colouring free, alcohol free, and no animal ingredient included!


The main ingredients used in the cleanser :

1. Phytoncide – Phytoncide means the natural antibiotic substance that trees and plants radiate into the air to protect themselves from the harmful insects or micro-organism. It is a compound Greek word for ‘plant ‘(Phyton) and ‘kill’ (cide) that it is a name for entire sterilization substance from the plants. ( Source : here )

2. Rose Fruit Extract – Used for pore care. Rose multiflora thunberg fruit extract refines the skin and restructures the pores, so that they are less visible. Studies on this extract on pores can be found widely online. ( Source : here )

3. Papaya Enzymes – All powder cleansers uses papain enzymes. It is a natural enzyme extracted from papaya fruit which is a non-irritating, anti-aging agent that softens and digests dead skin cells, while encouraging new ones to develop and grow.

4. Wild Mulberry Tree – The whole vigor of a Mulberry tree, called a tree sacred to gods, intensively cares chronic age spots and improves the skin. It is often used in oriental medicine skincare.





My favourite form of cleansers are powder cleansers. Why? Powder cleansers contain enzymes powder which cleanses and exfoliates the skin gently without harsh abrasives. They are kept in powder form because enzymes are highly unstable, therefore the powder keeps them stable until they are activated by water. Fruit Enzyme Products possess gentle action providing the similar results as the Glycolic Products.They cleanse the skin by dissolving dead cells from the skin’s surface. They are even more suitable for those with oily-combination skin like mine and also for those who have big pores or acne problems!


Would i recommend this? Totally! Just be careful when you use it as a mask, and do not apply it for too long or your skin will feel really tight after cleansing. I would also recommend you to add a few drops of oil-based product ( I added two drops of the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Oil ) to make it less dry or if you have unused lotions/toners that you can’t finish – you can add it or substitute it with water. My favourite is to add with with a few drops of the Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence! Try it !


Did the cleanser have any pore reducing effects? Let’s take a look below! No photoshopped or editing was done to the photos!




SKIN & LAB Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser can be purchased on Wishtrend for $16.99 ! The review for the Step 2 and Step 3 for the Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight will come soon, so watch out for it !

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  1. As always, a very thorough review. Surprisingly I’ve actually seen Skin&Lab from TKMaxx here near where I live. It’s this big mallshop that sells many random things both UK-based products and International. I might check out see if they still have it. My pores are my main issue this summer. They’re humungous!

  2. I know, right? I was really surprised to see this brand at that store. But since I wasn’t familiar with this before, I didn’t get myself some.

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