Reader’s Review : Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack


First of all, the reason I was drawn to Benton was becasue of the 100% all natural ingredients.  There are no parabens or PEG, halleluia!  Secondly I was looking for something reactive, with great results, so I was drawn to the bee venom, snail extract, and snake venom concept.  The first mask I used after my nightly skin routine.  It is very moist but not dripping wet so it wasn’t messy at all taking it out of the envelope and applying it to my face.  I smoothed it flat against my face so that it was evenly applied and I rested for 30 minutes.  The result was that it made my face feel like a baby’s bottom for the first time.  I have never felt my skin feel so soft, and that is no exaggeration.  It made my skin luminous and dewy. I used the second mask for treatment after my dermarolling session, a week later, using a 1.0 mm dermaroller.  I was a little afraid that the mask might burn after dermarolling, but there was absolutely no tingling at all; it just felt calming.  Again, it made my skin feel like a baby’s bottom.  This is a treatment I’m going to use in combination with my dermaroller ever month.  I can’t wait for Benton to release more products!  I actually called the company in Korea to ask them for eye cream but because they just launched in August all they offer is the essence, aloe toner and the mask, so I will be happy with that until there’s more!  Also, the representative said that they should have a website up in the next three months, so let’s hope they offer it in English also!  I highly recommend Benton products.  I am using them right now in combination with the skinhouse’s snail creams and my skin looks fabulous, I have to say.



Contributer : Beth

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