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The precious Oriental herbal elements unique to Whoo makes your skin healthy and bright. An Oriental herbal sun cream with skin whitening effects. The excellent protection against UV rays help maintain clear skin, and the Oriental medicinal whitening elements act deep inside the skin to make it more radiant.







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The manufacturing date is on the top of the product.


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Like all of History Of Whoo products, they are gorgeously packaged. The sun cream has a very nice simple elegant packaging that would turn heads when you take it out from your handbag! It has a very nice eye-popping lid to it carved with the Whoo logo on top of it.


The hole of the tube isn’t too big which makes it easy to control the quantity that comes out.






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Korean sunscreens seem to have this slight pinkish-orangish and the Whoo sunscreen is just the same. It has a slightly pinkish tone which helps correct your skin tone and give it a more rosy complexion instead of a whitish cast. It does give your skin a glow after applying it, a nice natural glow as can be seen from this video below :



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