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Natural bamboo fibre sheet masks utilize the principle of yin and yang harmony to bring balance to skin, increasing moisture and minimizing fire for beautifully moisturized and supple skin. By combining the major ingredients from the Gongjinhyang and Gongjinhyang:seol  lines, skin is treated to the dual effect of whitening and anti-wrinkle, leaving skin revitalized with a radiant glow.


Please note that this mask has been upgraded into the In Yang Outline Mask which includes an eye patch pictured below :









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9e (6)


a1 (7)





You pay for what you get ! This mask is packaged beautifully like most of Whoo products and comes in a super bling bling golden package with a bamboo on the right picturing the ‘bamboo fiber’ mask sheet.






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a7 (6)


a9 (6)


aa (6)




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The mask fitting was so-so : it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. At least it covered the entire face without any problems. The only problem was the chin area ( look at the 1st photo ) , where the mask was too huge that it wasn’t ‘wrapping’ the face nicely in the chin area and the nose area was a slight problem too.



Mask Sheet



b9 (6)

ba (6)



These mask are made from high quality natural bamboo fibre sheet and you can really tell the difference from the cheap masks. It’s very durable, thick, and comfortable on the face. I even wanted to keep the mask cloth after using it to use it as my ‘lotion mask’ but i ended up using it as a cloth to wipe my table. Haha…



Mask Essence


b8 (7)


b7 (7)



The mask essence was a thick goey whitish essence, something like the Hannule Whitening Mask, but it absorbs much better into the skin than the Hannule Whitening Mask essence. It doesn’t give that very rich, greasy effect that the Hannule Whitening Mask essence gives but it leaves your skin REALLLY smooth and powdery ( kind of like the old Seol Whitening Cream feel ). Big love for this! Not to mention, this mask combines the best ingredients both from the Gongjinhyang line and the Whitening Seol line!



Tried squeezing the mask after leaving it on the face for 15 minutes to see how much essence was left :


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