Gatzmen Big Moisture Cream Review






GATZMEN Big Moisture Cream is a daily moisturizing cream for men’s skin only without feeling sticky and oily.

It helps to make your skin get fully moisturized.

And it contains balanced oil and moisture which are suitable for men’s skin.

So men’s skin can keep moisture and feel refreshed for a long time.

Properties of GATZMEN Big Moisture Cream:

-Controls the balance between oil and water for men’s dry skin

-Delivering generous moisture

-Feeling refreshed

-Economic volume


Gatzmen Big Moisture Cream Review









The Gatzmen Big Moisture Cream comes in a really huge and generous plastic jar of 120ml. The design and colours used are very manly and simple yet elegant. There is a plastic lid that protects the gel cream from the enviroment.











As you can see from above, the texture is that of a gel cream. The texture is thicker and more viscous than the Gatzmen All In One Lotion.It doesn’t rub off like how some gel creams tend to. It moisturizes the skin and absorbs quickly too. Somehow the skin doesn’t feel as soft when using the Gatzmen All In One Lotion alone, but when both used together, they make the skin baby soft !







The gel-cream definitely does feel less sticky compared to the Gatzmen All In One lotion. The
re is actually hardly any stickiness and feels comfortable on the skin.



Oil Test




I suspect that this cream might be oil-free too as the cream has hardly any oil trace on the blotting paper.









I definitely felt that the Gatzmen All In One Lotion was more hydrating and the results definitely did proof that hypothesis. These were taken after using the Gatzmen All In One Lotion, so probably the skin was already hydrated that the results were not as good as the Gatzmen All In One Lotion readings.

However, this also proved another hypothesis – when using both items together, the skin softness went up the the highest level ! Oil level also dropped one level after applying the cream.





This is a very typical hydrating cream that comes in a very generous 120ml content of gel cream. I wouldn’t say that there’s anything special about the cream – it does what it promises which is to hydrate the skin without any stickiness and oiliness. I would not recommend using the both the lotion and the cream together as it does rub off, but if your men isn’t using any BB Creams or makeup this wouldn’t be a problem at all. The cream has a citrusy scent which is refreshing.


If i had to choose between one – it would be the Gatzmen All In One Lotion. It is more hydrating and has that nice refreshing cooling feeling. I’m giving this away with the Gatzmen All In One Lotion to one male blogger. All you have to do is pay for shipping! If you are interested in testing and reviewing this, just leave your blog address below!

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