ElishaCoy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask Review



Large pores, extruding sebum, popping pimples.. Solving of chronic skin troubles in one shot!!

1.It provides skin with vitality and liveliness by soothing the T-zone with lots of sebum and skin troubles caused by large pores and sebum.

2.Containing white clay having superior sebum absorption than loess (red clay), it makes skin baby soft, promotes good absorption of makeup and even lasts your makeup for a long time even up to next day.

3. Elishacoy Herb Clay Pore Refining Mask, containing moroheiya known as Cleopatra’s leaf for skin care, provides skin with sufficient moisture and nutrition.



Product Feature

1.Pore & Keratin Care

Vegetable herbal substances make your skin clean and clear!! Containing white clay rich in minerals, it has superior sebum absorption than loess (red clay) and cares for your pores, leaving it soft and smooth. Soapwort extract removes old keratin, making skin clear and clean and leaving it a fresh feeling.

2.Sebum control & trouble care

An essential item for greasy or tired skin caused by frequent troubles Containing sage extracted from beefsteak plant and salvia (sage plant), it soothes various skin troubles and controls sebum. With an astringent effect from burdock, it makes your skin soft, supple and long-lasting.

3.Supply of sufficient moisture & nutrition Containing stevia, an herbal sweetener, celery, tomato and carrot extract, it provides skin with sufficient moisture and nutrition, making it soft, supple and transparent.

Moroheiya leaves contained only in Elishacoy Clay Mask are known as Cleopatra’s eating for her skin care and phyto-hyaluronic acid B having superior moisturizing activity provides skin with sufficient moisture and nutrition.

Vegetable herbal ingredients including lemongrass, rosemary and marigold give you a feeling of aromatherapy.




Packing is simple and elegant. The pore clay mask comes in a very heavy glass jar. A very cheap looking plastic scoop is included, but the plastic scoop does make it more convenient and hygienic !

Love the colors and images used on the box.



The texture of the clay isn’t very thick like other clay mask. It is quite easy to spread and it isn’t sticky.

You can see from the photos that there are herbs mixed together with the clay. It gives a very natural image of the mask!

The scent is really natural. It has a blend of herbs and if you love the natural herbs smell, you’ll love this. You can definitely smell lemongrass here!






Corchorus olitorius or Jute is a long, so
ft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Leaves of Corchorus olitorius contains Phenolic antioxidants and also antifungal and antibacterial benefits which heals damage skin and is a helpful remedy for psoriasis, eczema and acne.


Saponaria officinalis / Soapwort Soapwort is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows in shady areas. It is common to most of Europe, Western Asia and North America. In traditional medicine, the roots are used to treat certain skin diseases. The leaves are rich in natural surfactants which form a natural lather, producing a “soapy” water that is ideal for cleansing the skin




We adore this mask. It has a great natural scent, and it feels like you’re blending your own DIY clay mask with various herbs. It feels very soothing and relaxing on your skin.Those with oily and troubled skin will benefit from this mask. Unlike other clay mask, it doesn’t dry up the skin and makes the skin feel tight and uneasy after washing off.



It also contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, apricot kernel oil to help moisturize the skin, and scanning through the ingredient list, there is a lot of ingredients which have soothing and calming properties which is an essential for those with easily irritated / sensitive / acne skin. Sage extracted from salvia, a plant of the mint family helps calms various skin problems such as acne, etc. Burdock root on the other hand promotes blood circulation and gives an astringent effect shrinking your pores.



The texture of the clay is also rather light compared to other clay masks and spreads quite easily on the skin. After washing off your face, you’ll notice an improvement on your skin texture ! Pores do look a little smaller as the clay does help shrink it a little, but the effect only lasts for a while like all clay masks.  It helps calm your skin too if you have any redness. We also noticed that it does help in controlling oil too and if you didn’t know, this mask uses white clay which has a superior sebum absorption ability compared to red or yellow clay.



If you’re looking for a clay mask which is rather natural, smells great and helps soothe your skin, give this a try!



There is an upgraded version of this product which is free from synthetic colouring and fragrance. This product is retailed at 36,000 wons but you can find it easily on Wishtrend for only $22 USD here




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  1. great review! will the reviews on the Skin&Lab Dr Pore Tight toner and gel cream for this series be coming up soon?

  2. I like those scrubbers which is very effective to deep clean your skins and feels you very fresh after melting it on your skin gently for a little bit. Its better to wash it of after 3 minutes because if you dry it on your skins then it could harm your upper side melting skin so it is better to wipe it off as quckly as possible to melt it the skins major portion of your face.

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