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The original automatic brush cleanser was made famous non other than the Clarisonic. Clarisonic dominated this market for quite some time with other lower end brands like Neutrogena trying to emulate this success. After the vibrating BB machines became a hit last year, the Korean cosmetic industry wanted to go with that wave and introduced vibrating cleansers. They share a similar concept with the Clarisonic except that this one is just less advanced than the Clarisonic. However, as this product is not trying to compete at the luxury level but more in the mid-entry level. Coreana has a similar device, except that their brush doesn’t do a complete rotation spin but it just vibrates which is why it is less expensive compared to the Elishacoy machine.


Here is the introduction from the Wishtrend website :






Here is a mini comparison between the two :

Clarisonic ElishaCoy
Price $119-$225 $71.80
Price of replacement brush $25 $22.80
Brush Type 5 different brush types 2 brush types
Brush Less dense Very densely packed
Rotation Oscillating ( swing back and forth but not 360 degrees rotation )
360 degrees rotation ( 2 options : right to left, left to right )
Speed 1 to 2 levels depending on model 2 levels ( high and low )
300 movements per second
400 movements per second
Brush Features Adapted to skin type Anti micro bacterial brush, small blackhead brush
Battery Chargeable Non chargeable





The machine comes in a nice pink box, the machine with the brush, completed with an instructions booklet with the warranty card, a pair of batteries and a small box packed with the small blackhead brush which is purchased separately. It fits perfect in my hands and is convenient to carry around because of it’s light weight.












This brush would make quite a nice bb cream or foundation brush I think. Anybody up to trying this? Its extremely soft and densely packed and has a round tip as oppose to the flat tips of a normal brush to be able to reach effectively into pores and making cleansing more efficient. The brush is anti-bacterial and this is important as bacteria gets trapped easily on brushes. The blackhead brush on the other hand is made of a different material and it’s really tiny. Its perfect to clean the nose area as well as the chin where black and white heads are quite persistent.





Here I made a comparison between cleaning my skin with the brush as well as with without brush and later on used cotton pads soaked in cleansing oil to check if there was any remaining residues. As you can see, the results are quite obvious. The cotton pad with normal cleansing was much dirtier than the latter.



Here is a photo of my nose after using the blackhead brush cleansing




You can watch further tests done on this machine via this video below :


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  1. I had bought it on wishtrend and initially I quite liked it. I found it to be smooth and non abrasive but sadly it broke on me. Too much pressure and it would stop turning and later it stopped turning on and yes I changed batteries and used the silicone protection well. I’m really upset I spent money on this. At least I got it on promotion but…

  2. But, the code cannot be use because wishtrend have a rule, “※ All Vouchers cannot be used for certain products such as WISHBOX, BEAUTY STEAL.
    Even if you order our products including BEAUTY STEAL or WISHBOX, the discount can be applied only to other products”

  3. Could you recommend a good everyday sunscreen that does not leave a
    white case and doesn’t clog pores? have you tried the 2013 version of
    hera sunmate daily spf 35+++? The formulation has changed.

  4. Have you try with “Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser”? What do you think compare to “Elishacopy 3D Spin Cleanser”?

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