BeautyEasy releases 3 new products off Lavender Detox White line


Taiwanese brand from Skincare Guru, Niu-Er, the creator of Naruko, Beauty D.I.Y, etc Beauty Easy will be adding three new products to their existing Lavender Detox-White line (pictured above).

BeautyEasy releases 3 new products off Lavender Detox White line

1) Beauty Easy @Nature Lavender Detox White EX Eye Cream


Contains 3% Tranexamic Acid ( Read about this ingredient which is used in Naruko’s latest line : Here ) , claiming to be the product with the highest concentration of Tranexamic Acid currently in the market. Not only that, it uses French lavender essential oils which relaxes the eye area.


Other ingredients like liposome coated-Vitamin C helps brighten up the eye area, while Haloxyl and caffeine helps diminish the dark eye circles by promotiong blood circulation.





2) Beauty Easy @Nature Lavender Detox White EX Polishing Scrub


A rich exfoliating body scrub rich in Papain ( papaya enzyme ) enhanced with ceramic beads of different size to polish the skin more efficiently and get rid of dead skin cells and clean pores deeply.


Chamomile extract and cotton seed oil repairs and calms the skin, making it soft, smooth and hydrated.




3) Beauty Easy @Nature Lavender Detox White Night Jelly EX


Contains 3% Tranexamic Acid too, together with Vitamin C extracts to help clear and brighten up the skin tone. Royal Jelly and Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes the skin deeply.


Using a water jelly formulation, this sleeping mask doesn’t leave the skin sticky and uncomfortable and acts more like a ‘invisible mask’ which moisturizes, repair, and brightens up your skin tone while you sleep.


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