World’s 1st silicone free BB Cream now on Ebay!




Now, before you get excited – please don’t. This is a warning post! I know i’ve been talking about this BB Cream since its release in 2010 as its the first silicone free BB Cream, and there have been many requests on where they could purchase this.


Good news is that it’s finally available on Ebay – here. Bad News is that it’s sold 3x the amount. I’m never going to let any of my readers blindly purchase this without knowing the current retail price : 




So it’s up to you whether you want to purchase this – but i’m just giving you heads up! Thank you to a reader for the tip!


Here’s the ingredient list :

글리세린, 정제수, 티타늄디옥사이드, 카프릴릭/카프릭트리글리세라이드, 탈크(석면제거인증), 글리세릴스테아레이트에스이, 베타인, 마카다미아씨오일, 징크옥사이드, 알부틴, 소르비탄스테아레이트, 디스타치포스페이트, 실리카, 스테아릭애씨드, 로즈힙열매오일, 호호바씨오일, 세틸알코올, 세테아릴알코올, 황색산화철, 적색산화철, 알지닌, 토코페릴아세테이트, 알란토인, 소이이소플라본, 캐모마일꽃추출물, 병풀추출물, 감초추출물, 전복느타리발효여과물, 황금추출물, 모란뿌리추출물, 아데노신, 다마스크장미꽃오일


Glycerin, Purified Water, Titanium Dioxide, Caprylic / cap Rick triglycerides, talc(asbestos removal certification), glyceryl Reel stearate S two, betaine, macadamia seed oil, zinc oxide, arbutin, sorbitan stearate, a disk other values ​​phosphate, silica, stearate, Rick Ke seed, rosehip fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, cetyl alcohol, seteahrilalkool, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, aljinin, tocopheryl acetate, allantoin, soy isoflavones, chamomile flower extract, centella asiatica extract, Licorice extract , jeonbokneutaribalhyoyeogwamul, Gold extract, peonyroot extract, adenosine, Damascus rose, five days

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