The Saem officially opens entire Gmarket shop to international buyers + Xmas Sale!


The Saem has officially opened international shipping to international buyers. Before that, they only opened up a certain part of the shop, and there were a lot of products ( especially the newer ones ) that were not available to us. However, like Etude House, only selected countries are allowed to purchase.


The Saem is also on 25-50% sales.. therefore you can purchase their best-selling items this year like The Saem Chaga Serum ( their fermentation line ) , The Saem Skin Fit Silky BB Cream, and the newer products like the The Saem Celebrity Cream, The Saem Chaga Mask & Mist, The Saem Nagging Mom line etc..


If you purchase anything – remember to type ‘Recommended by’ for some extra samples!

Head over to their shop ; here

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