Mizon officially on Ebay!




Korean cosmetic brand, Mizon, has finally opened its online store on Ebay. It ships internationally for FREE, therefore those of you who want to purchase 1-2 items without having to pay for crazy shipping prices on Gmarket, can head over to their official Ebay store.


Here are a few Mizon articles that we have wrote :

Review on the snail cream here

Article on their BB Capsule Make Up Base here

Mizon’s UV Detector Sunscreen : here.


The Makeup base retails for $16 on their Gmarket site.. but shipping will be crazy. On Ebay, it’s only priced at $20 – and Free Shipping even!


Another great deal is their Mizon Sericin Ampoule Solution with Golden Silk Cleansing Brush, which is Mizon’s most expensive product. It is sold at $62USD on Gmarket excluding shipping… and it’s only $57 on their official Ebay shop SHIPPING INCLUDED! That’s cheaper by a LOT.


Check out their Mizon Sericin Ampoule Solution with Golden Silk Cleansing Brush here complete with English information. I found it interesting, hence the purchase!


Head over to their official Ebay shop : here

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  1. This is good to know, thanks for the info. Definitely would like to pick up some of the sunscreen to satisfy my sunscreen addiction!

  2. hehehe.. i don’t remember seeing the sunscreen on the ebay site yet. i think they’re gonna add more products with time!

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