ELishaCoy Moist Up Set at 80% off


Catch this AMAZING PROMO … at only 29,00 wons – you get to try FULL SIZE ITEMS of ElishaCoy Moist Up line which includes the Bubble Cleanser, Mist, Sleeping Pack, and their latest BB Cream !!!


This is 80% OFF the retail price, as the Sleeping Pack itself costs about 29,000 wons – therefore you have 3 other items FREE!


Head over : here and when purchase, type in the comments to seller ‘Recommended by www.hope-inablog2.com’

0 thoughts on “ELishaCoy Moist Up Set at 80% off”

  1. oh yeah, it didnt..but I ask someone to buy it for me n they shipped it to my country hehe
    btw do u know if chosungah raw has a gmarket store? everytime I googled a review, I always found items that weren’t on their web, like zero oil essence, black essence, patonil essence, etc
    I saw the reviews looks pretty good (literally coz I could only understand the picture) so I’ve been really curious to try this brand..u’ve bought the whole set on one of ur hauls rite? could u give a little insight on how the products performed? many thanks! ^^

  2. gmarket has them actually. but the english site is very buggy. it doesnt recognize all korean characters. for example, when you type sulwhasoo in korean, there are no results. same for chosungah. so i advice everyone to go to the korean site and search then copy and paste the other characters of the product hoping that the english site will recognize them.

    the line is famous for 3 things : the black jam, end cream, and the bubble cleanser.

    for me the two must have is the end cream and bubble cream. the end cream comes in a few version so make sure u pick the right one. browse the chosungah raw section and there will be articles!

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