DaalStory’s First Care Serum back in stock in Gmarket!

DaalStory&rsquo-s First Care Serum back in stock in Gmarket!

So we’ve been talking about Skinfood’s Daal Story. Their star product – the cheaper option of Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum – called the Daal First Care Serum is now back in stock after being sold out !


There are also other great deals like the Daal Moisture Drop Toner being only 9,900 wons and the Daal Whitening Drop Spot Serum at only 9,9000.


So if you’re profiting from the It’s Skin sale on Gmarket right now, this is the best time to add some Daal Story products at the same time!


Click the link here to access their shop : here

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