Get It Beauty Awards 2011 & Allure Beauty Awards 2011



Fashion Magazine, Allure Korea together with disbanded Kpop group member S.E.S Eugene has revealed the winners of the 2011 Best Beauty Products.




The winners were selected from blind tests conducted together with 700-1200 other participants and includes 120 products ranging from local Korean brands till international brands. Participants included normal citizens, professional make up artists, skincare experts, etc which conducted tests without knowing what product they were using.




How were the winners selected? They were selected based on a few factors : the blind test evaluation, online surveys, assessments done by the beauty editors.


Without further ado, the best products in various categories :


1. Best Moisture Mask





No surprise here – the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX is a star product and it’s popularity has not faded after so many years. It has won many beauty awards every year without fail.



2. Best Cleansing Oil




The winner for the cleansing oil category goes to Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture ( it also comes in two other versions : Fresh and Mild ). Formulated with coconut oil to gently remove even the toughest waterproof makeup while protecting and moisturizing the skin.




3. Best Whitening Cream





The Beyond’s Phyto White Ultimate line uses the Anti Kinesin therapy which prevents the activation of the formation of melanin cells.In addition, 11 kinds of plant based ‘Phyto-White Complex 11’ effectively controls melanin and restores your skin’s elasticity.

Beyond products are :




4. Best Moisture Cream




This Aqua line comes in 3 versions : for oily skin, combination skin, and dry skin. They have 3 different colours and formulated with sapporo water in Japan. It also contains seaweed extracts. It absorbs quickly. moisturizes the skin, is anti-allergy and anti-oxidant. It is also a smart moisturizing cream that works differently on each zone of your face. Creates a thin layer on your face to protect skin from external environment.



5. Best Whitening Serum




This whitening essence from Tony Moly has been very popular since its release and it’s no surprise here that it has won! The capsules contains concentrated whitening ingredients which breaks down to give you radiant bright skin. Another big plus is that it’s totally affordable – 50ml for $18 !



6. Best Eye Cream



Innisfree took home the award for best Eye cream. The Eco Science Eye Cream is formulated with marine plants from the jeju ocean.


7. Best Hand Cream




Skinfood won the best hand cream section with their Seha Butter Hand Lotion. Extremely affordable at only $2.9 !




So has anyone tried these products and agree with the results ?

Amore Pacific is again the biggest winner  here winning 3 out of the 7 awards ( Innisfree, Laneige, Etude House )

LG only won 1 award with Beyond. Surprised that luxury brands were not featured here at all!

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  1. Hoho ! Faut que j’essaye tout ces produits ! J’en ai déjà quelqu’un : le Sleeping Pack de Laneige est juste génial, et la crème pour les mains de Skin Food est vraiment très agréable.
    J’ai bien envie de tester l’huile et le sérum whitening =)

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