Youth without a scalpel. Injection plastic.

Youth without a scalpel. Injection plastic.
Specialists in the field of cosmetology are inventing new ways to make beautiful women beautiful. To correct serious anatomical defects, of course, you need the help of a surgeon, but for others, cosmetology has developed more gentle methods.

Widely known is a method of rejuvenation, such as the administration of botulinum toxin. The skin is smoothed due to the fact that this drug paralyzes the nerve endings and muscles in the area of ??the injection. The disadvantage of this substance is temporary numbness of the skin and the appearance of swelling after the injection. Sometimes allergic reactions may occur. However, there is a new generation drug that does not contain an allergen protein. This substance acts softer and has no side effects.

On a wave of popularity today are fillers (English to fill – fill). These drugs are based on hyaluronic acid. Microscopic doses of the drug make it possible to remove the second chin, eliminate "crow's feet" near the eyes, eliminate deep wrinkles, etc. Another advantage of fillers is the ability to stimulate the production of collagen – the face-supporting elastic fibers of the skin. The procedure for the introduction of the filler is easier to transfer, because the composition contains an anesthetic.

The result is kept from 3 months to 2 years, depending on the consistency of the filler. Unlike silicone, which is insoluble and removed only by surgery, the acid dissolves and is eliminated from the body by itself. In case of failure, it can also be dissolved by a special enzyme.

Silk needles. Despite the promises and assurances of cosmetologists that after the injection procedures the woman will become the owner of an attractive appearance, many are still afraid of the injections themselves and the bruises and bruises remaining on the face after the procedure. To solve this problem, soft needles were invented-cannulas. They are hollow tubes with a rounded end and side holes made of special silk or high-grade steel.

Cannula spreads soft tissues, and does not tear them apart, causing bleeding and subsequent swelling. It is introduced in the right place to the full depth, gradually plywood выпускается через боковое отверстие на обратном ходу канюли. Затем врач пальцами распределяет его под кожей, формируя необходимый объем.

Due to the use of cannulas, manipulations were possible on those areas of the face that were once unavailable for injection plastics because of the risk of damaging tissues and blood vessels (eg, eye area, whiskey).

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