Youth tattoos: fashion, style, new trends

Youth tattoos: fashion, style, new trends
Modern tattoos are a high-quality technique for decorating the human body. There are quite a few tattoo styles popular with young people: the most frequent choice is ethnic tattoos, inscriptions in English or Japanese, images of animals and insects. Tattoos have long since passed from the category of "forbidden" jewelry to a fashionable and stylish reflection of a person's personality. On the Internet, you can find thousands of sketches of tattoos for every taste or draw something yourself.

На данный момент значительный процент тех, кто делает тату, не достигает и 30 лет. Молодежных татуировок как таковых не существует – люди наносят изображения самых разных стилей, однако можно выделить определенные модные тенденции.

Girls very often adorn their body with inscriptions in English языке или японскими иероглифами. К слову, мода на последние не уходит уже пару десятков лет, хотя выбирая татуировку в салоне стоит все-таки уточнить ее значение.

It is interesting that tattoos in the form of inscriptions in Russian in the youth environment do not actually occur – it is believed that they are suitable only for "portals" – poorly executed tattoos with prison motives.

One of the most popular themes in the youth tattoo is the image of animals. Very often, girls choose small silhouette tattoos of cats, as the most graceful representatives of fauna. Look also symbolic images of flying birds, small dolphins, etc. Among young people, realistic images on tattoos are more accepted. In particular, tattoos with predatory animals (wolves, lions, leopards) are popular, and with such representatives of mythical fauna as dragons.

Ethnic tattoos are always in fashion. They are mostly men, but you can find tattoos of large sizes in ethno-style and on girls too. Popular among men are Celtic patterns, tattoos on the shoulders and around the hands in the Polynesian style ("Maori"). Not so widely known, but popular among many people traveling and fascinated by mysticism is the style of "haida" (Indian tattoos with the symbolic image of totemic animals).

Often, loving young people make themselves paired tattoos. Very often it is a tattoo with the image of hearts or pair inscriptions, sometimes – tattoos in the form of wedding rings on fingers. It should be remembered that, despite the external beauty and unusualness, tattoos on the palms of the hands, fingers and feet are very quickly erased due to the peculiarity of the place (hands and feet are the most accessible to detergents and water parts of the body).

Recently among young people (especially those belonging to the hipster subculture), new-school tattoos have become fashionable, a variation on the theme of classic American tattoos, popular since the end of 20 years of the last century. As a rule, they are quite large in size and are colored.

Тату в стилях «олд скул» или «нью скул» довольно трудно менять со временем (перекраивать, по необходимости, другими татуировками) из-за того, что они сделаны цветными чернилами.

With the environment of youth, enthusiastic oriental philosophy, tattoos are popular in the form of Buddhist and Shinto characters (the sign "Om", yin-yang), inscriptions in Sanskrit. Frequently tattoos in the style of Sak Yant (Thai and Cambodian shamanic tattoo), the fashion on which introduced Angelina Jolie.

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