Your 5 Best Asian Skincare Friends For Winter

Your 5 Best Asian Skincare Friends For Winter



With the sudden turn of temperature in the past few weeks, I am going to share 5 products that have been my staple products during the harsh, dry, cold winter ( up to –10 degrees here! ).


1. Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence


Pictured above, this essence have been my must-use. Sometimes i even skip the toner and apply the essence directly. Amongst all the fermentation essence such as the SK-II, Missha, Secret Key – this one stands out and is my favourite! It is the most hydrating one, and plumps up your skin immediately making it soft, moist, plump and radiant! Highly recommended for those looking for that extra punch during winter. You can even mix one drop with your BB Creams or foundations.




2. O HUI Essence Rich Blemish Balm BB


Finally the perfect season to be using this BB Cream! This BB Cream has a thick, creamy consistency and is actually very essence rich that is suitable for this dry winter. No greyish undertone which is a plus. Other BB Creams that are more suitable for winter : Crazy Monkey d’Argan Oil Bb Cream, AHC Intense Contour Balm 9-Free, IOPE Super Vital Moist BB Cream.


Your 5 Best Asian Skincare Friends For Winter


3. Hannule Rich Effect Oil Cream


Those looking for something rich this winter will find bliss in this cream. With its unique texture that melts when in contact with heat sinks into your skin immediately and nourishes it during the dry cold winter. Or you can just simply use an oil based product like the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Oil, The History of Whoo Ginseng Oil, or any facial oils out there in the market.



Your 5 Best Asian Skincare Friends For Winter


4. Sulwhasoo First Care Serum


I find the first-step serums ( read article here on the different first step serums available in the market ) extremely useful as an extra step during winter. This step is indispensable for me during winter as it immediately moisturizes my skin deeply. The trick in increasing it’s effectiveness is to apply it 3-5 seconds immediately after cleansing. You will see the difference after 8 hours, i promise Smile ! Read the article above to choose a first step serum according to your budget.


Your 5 Best Asian Skincare Friends For Winter


5. Su:m37 A Time Essence


This is Su:m37’s version of a mist ( read about it here ). All you have to do it to tap the essence on your skin to refresh it mid-day when your skin feels tight and tired. Other than that, you can also use a normal skin mist to refreshen your skin and hydrate it whenever your skin is feeling dry.



So what’s your favourite products for winter?


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  1. is the sulwashoo firt care serum suitable for my age(mid 20s) or is it only made for matured skin?

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