Young nettle for hair

Young nettle for hair
We often use the gifts of nature, nettles for hair – this is another confirmation of this. Natural medicines rarely have a side effect, but in their application are simple and very effective.

One of the first medicinal herbs of spring is nettle. It is useful in its application for almost any human organ, and also for hair. From the nettles it is easy to brew a decoction, with which help to improve and strengthen hair. Broth stimulates the roots to rapid growth, promotes the formation of density, makes the hair silky and shiny.

The process of preparing a health decoction:

• Свежих промытых листьев крапивы 100 грамм залить 500 граммами столового 6% уксуса, долить 0,5 литра воды;

• Nettles for hair to soak in this liquid 30 minutes in a saucepan with a closed lid (withstand almost in a boiling state, but still, do not boil);

• Cooling agent, partially applied for processing волос головы, а остатки держать в холоде не более 4-5 дней. Перед каждым применением целебный настой подогревать.

Nettles for the hair need to wet the hair every day, rub into the roots. Repeat the procedure for 10 days without interruption. After the passed course, you can once again undergo treatment.

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