Wraps at home

Wraps at home
This procedure perfectly helps to bring the skin to the desired result, reduce stretch marks and their number, as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is enough to hold a small number of wraps to feel the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Wrap options

Wrap with honey. For this procedure, it is enough to take four tablespoons of honey without a slide, melt it in a water bath and add three drops of orange and mandarin essential oils.

A great result is the wrapping with coffee. Caffeine is characterized by its ability to break down fat deposits. For the preparation of the required composition, take five tablespoons of ground natural coffee, add the warmed milk to it and mix them until a gruel is obtained.

To make a chocolate wrapping composition, you need to combine two hundred grams of cocoa and half a liter of boiled water, preferably warm.

Prepared according to one of the above recipes, the composition for carrying out the procedure is applied to the areas of the body that need to be slightly corrected, and tightly wrapped with food film. Wear warm clothes from above.

The duration of the procedure should be at least twenty-five minutes, during which you can relax or take care of household chores that do not require increased activity.

As soon as the necessary time passes, the food film is carefully removed, the mixture is washed off with warm water, further massaging the skin with circular motions.

Moisturize the skin with nourishing creams after the procedure is not required, since the ingredients used saturate and nourish it in the required amount.


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