Wrapping correctly: choosing a thermal blanket

Wrapping correctly: choosing a thermal blanket
The procedure of anti-cellulite wraps with thermo-blankets is often offered in beauty salons. Although you can use this device at home. When buying, you should know the basic criteria for choosing a thermal blanket. The wrap is an auxiliary tool in the fight against cellulite and excess weight. The use of a thermal blanket during the procedure gives a very good result.

After the usual wrapping with a film, it is recommended to actively perform physical exercises. Thanks to them the body sweats, the metabolism accelerates, the body temperature rises. At this time, the body is forced to use fat accumulation to energetically feed the motor functions.

The thermo blanket allows you to heat the body in a passive state. In this case, the metabolism also accelerates, the cells begin to move faster. This movement requires energy contained in fatty deposits. So, the thermo blanket directly promotes the acceleration of blood circulation, fat metabolism, the excretion of fluid through the skin, the removal of harmful substances.

For one procedure wraps with thermo blankets can be lost from 500 kilocalories and more.

Now on sale there are various models of thermo-clothes. The most expensive blankets are equipped with a special timer and an indicator. In fact, the thermo blanket is an electric heating device. Heating elements are located in special covers. The thermo blanket is plugged into the outlet. Heat is not output outside due to a specific material. The body is in a saunas suit. The thermo blanket should have special Velcro or zippers, which ensure complete fit.

Setting the temperature at + 50 ° C, you can bask in a blanket for half an hour. Convenience is that all the problem areas (hips, chest, stomach, legs) warm up simultaneously. If desired, you can wrap individual parts of the body with a blanket.

The temperature is regulated depending on the composition. The salt composition of the gel relieves fat at a temperature of + 40 ° C, and essential oils like temperatures of + 37 ° C.

During wrapping with a thermo blanket, a special composition is applied to the patient's body. It can be a thick brine or gel with the addition of essential oils. Initially, the beautician examines the patient, and then recommends a certain composition. After applying the product, the body turns into a transparent film. After that, the body is placed in a pre-heated blanket. As a result of wrapping with a thermo-blanket, the skin becomes smooth and taut.

When buying a blanket, prepare to spend a round sum of money and do not pursue cheapness. The voltage of the thermal blanket should be 36 Volts. Models of the new type have three sections. In each of them it is possible to adjust the temperature according to the need. Such a thermal blanket is more effective than the usual one. Classic size of the blanket: 180×180, see Select the size so that the contact of the body and the blanket is maximum. Material blankets – any fabric, pleasant to the body. Pay attention to the thickness of the material. It is desirable that it was medium. Too thick a blanket will be difficult to warm up.

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