world’s first red men lipstick



I knew that this was going to come sooner or later. Korean men, always a step forward, thanks to the K-pop idols. Here we have the world’s first men lipstick in red. And who other to endorse it than the confident and sassy, G-dragon from Big Bang?


This bold lipstick will be released by The Saem, and G-dragon will be the new endorser alongside IU. The new lipstick will be called global eco red. G-dragon has always been known to be a trend-setter…. so does this mean we’re gonna see men wearing lipstick much more confidently now?


What are your thoughts? Winking smile

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  • Yue Rain


  • Anaïs / Sasha

    It sure looks good on glossy papers and advert but, I can’t think of men with RED lipsticks walking down the street. But why not a baby pink color? hehe

  • Stellar

    I am not surprise that GD is the first man to endorse it haha

  • bob

    Well, obviously Gdragon has already given up on trying to be marketable outside of Korea.

  • Ged_in_London

    Oh wow! This sounds interesting. I wonder how long before we start seeing men wearing this. Would love to speak to a guy who plans to use it. It will be interesting I’m sure.

  • Emily Han

    I love GD, but still, can’t imagine my man wearing lipstick. He’d rather be like he is… Only me wearing make up is enough :) )

  • Kev J.

    I saw that advertisement in Seoul. The only catch is, it is not technically only for men. They got GD to be the model for it, because he has a relatively obvious ‘pretty boy’ or ‘androgynous’ look. But the lipstick can be worn by girls too as far as I know.

  • Maya Osman

    I’ll hate it when he gets red lipstick all over my face and clothes. Hahaha

  • Luchia Nanami

    ummm…. WTH…?

  • francheskave

    Wow, bold red lipstick for men. And G-Dragon is the endorser.

    One word: wow.

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