Without what makeup can not do at work

Without what makeup can not do at work
Even if you use very high-quality cosmetics, during the working day there may be times when you have to correct make-up. This is especially true in the summer, because even in the most intense heat you need to be able to keep freshness and attractiveness throughout the day.

В течение дня вам, скорее всего, придется подкрашивать губы и глаза, поэтому имеет смысл брать с собой на работу помимо миниатюрного зеркальца тушь и помаду. Второе средство особенно актуально после обеденного перерыва, поскольку трудно быстро поесть, не смазав при этом помады. Такая декоративная косметика не займет много места в вашей сумочке, но зато она наверняка не раз вас выручит. В некоторых случаях можно брать с собой на работу также подводку и тени. Отдавайте предпочтение карандашам для глаз, поскольку жидкой подводкой бывает трудно с первого раза прочертить идеальную линию, а исправлять макияж в офисе очень неудобно.

Wear a compact matting powder. This is especially true for owners of oily skin, which quickly acquires an unpleasant shine. "Pripudrivaya spout" from time to time, you can keep a fresh feeling throughout the whole working day. Do not take loose powder. The fact is that it is harder to put on your face than compact, besides, you risk waking a little cosmetic on your clothes. In summer, the powder can be supplemented with wet napkins, allowing you to quickly get rid of dirt and droplets of sweat, as well as a refreshing spray for the face.

Just in case, it's worth having a concealer with you. It is not always convenient to wear large tubes of a foundation for work, besides, instead of this remedy, with such problems as a pimple jumped suddenly on the face, the corrector will be much better able to cope. It also helps you to hide dark circles under the eyes, unpleasant red spots that sometimes appear during an allergic reaction, etc. The ability to quickly disguise any skin imperfections during the working day is especially important if you work with people and are required to look attractive.

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