With what it is better to take a bath

With what it is better to take a bath
In addition to the usual foam for bathing recently appeared many popular products. Oil and bombs more often appear on our shelves in the bathroom.

Как заверяют нас производители различных средств для ванн, такие штуки способны не только помочь нас хорошо провести время, но и здорово ухаживают за кожей. Так что же умеет каждое из средств?

Bath foam

The foam for the bath is similar in composition to the shower gel. Not surprisingly, they are quite interchangeable. But still it is not worth it to sin to change the gel to foam. It very well cleanses the skin, but at the same time it dries very much. Bath foam is not recommended for girls with dry and prone to redness. All the rest are allowed to luxuriate on their health, but not longer than half an hour. After taking such a bath you need to take a shower and be sure to apply a moisturizer.

Pay special attention to the bath foam in the bar. Unlike liquid, it does not contain any preservatives at all.

Bath salt

At its core is a natural sea salt with all kinds of odors. Has the same beneficial effects as seawater: heals fine wounds, regulates water balance and returns elasticity to the skin. With sensitive skin, look for salt with a sequential extract. Unfortunately, bath salt does not purify the body, so first wash with gel, and after bathing, rinse with cool water. On one bath will be enough 250-500 g salt.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, bath salt will be a great help to you. Choose foods that include fennel, black pepper or grapefruit. The only minutes – long such salt can not be stored, a maximum of a year.

Bombs for bath

The basis for any bombs are soda and citric acid. That's why they so hiss when they hit the water. As a rule, manufacturers place in the "shell" all sorts of waste oil, which, alas, do not have a clearing effect. So before such a bathroom it is recommended to take a shower. Also do not forget to rinse after. Do not wet your hair: butter in the composition of the bomb will create the effect of dirty hair. A bath with a bomb is advised to take 20-30 minutes.

Bath oil

Bath oil is suitable for any type of skin and works no worse than any remedy. But watch closely that in structure there were ethers, instead of simply useless otdushka. Also, bath oil should be based on natural oils, and not chemical paraffin, which will only clog pores. To determine the amount of oil that needs to be added to the bath, study the label. Sometimes manufacturers produce butter in the form of bars: one bar per bath. Before taking a bath with oil, you need to take a shower with gel, otherwise the caring components may never reach their destination. The time of reception of such a bath is 20-30 minutes.

After such a bath lotion can not be used. And bath oil can not be used as a cream because of too high a concentration of active ingredients. Take risks of earning an allergy or irritation.

Play with fragrances. Lavender and vanilla soothes, and citrus, on the contrary, invigorates. Use this to tune in to the desired mode.

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