Wishtrend Summer Series 3 : Fight Summer Skin Problems with Wishtrend !



Continued from the WISHTrend Wishtrend Summer Series 1 : All You Need To Know About Sun Protection, Wishtrend Summer Series 2 : Fight Summer Skin Problems with Wishtrend !




2. Avoiding The Oil Spill Look During Summer


Do you know that for every 1℃ rise in skin temperature – our sebum secretion increases by 10% ! That explains why our skin is often oilier during summer.


To avoid my face from looking all greasy and oily, I use the Gatzmen Oil Tapping Powder. The Women’s version called the Ciracle Secret Sebum Powder is also available and basically both of them are the same product produced by Ciracle. The powder helps absorb excess sebum and keeps the skin soft. It’s small, portable making it convenient to bring around. Best thing is that it doesn’t whiten my skin and looks natural on my skin without making it look like an oil splash!


[Ciracle] Secret Sebum Powder




Another great product that helps absorbs impurities and the excess sebum that your skin secretes during summer is clay masks! Clay masks have absorbent, exfoliating and astringent properties. Not only does it benefit the skin by using capillary action to absorb substances on and beneath the skin’s surface such as sebum, bacteria, toxins and potential irritants from the skin – it can also exfoliate dead skin cells and blackheads without friction. Clay can absorb up to 200 times it’s weight in water! ( Source : here )



[Ciracle] Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask[CAOLION] Pore Minimizing Pack




At Wishtrend, we have two types of clay mask : the Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask and the Caolion Pore Minimizing Pack.


I bet many of you would think of the famous ‘Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask’ when you see the sentence ‘Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask’. At Wishtrend, we have a similar product from Ciracle that uses the volcanic ash from the Jeju Volcanoes. The mask contains 6700mg of Jeju volcanic ashes, a rare ingredient found only in Jeju Island, Korea and comes in a generous 135ml jar!


Let’s see what’s so special about the Jeju Volcanic Ash from the Innisfree website :





The other product is the Caolion Pore Minimizing Pack. CAOLION Pore Minimizing Pack controls the sebum secretion, absorbs skin wastes & makeup residues and removes dead skin cells. Therefore it helps to make the enlarged pores elastic and soothe skin troubles.And it delivers moisture and enough nutrition to the skin with natural ingredients. 5-Free Formula : No antiseptic, No alcohol, No pigment, No fragrance,Non mineral oil


We would like to share a blogger’s review comparing the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay, the CAOLION Pore Minimizing Pack, The Kiehl’s Rare Earth Stop Pore Cleansing Mask, and the LUSH Clay Mask ( review found here )





Last but not least, the most important step during summer : sun protection. An oil-free sunblock such as the SKIN & LAB Dr.Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the desert makes your skin less oily during summer! PABA Free / Oil Free / Alcohol Free / Color Free / Fragrance Free – the sunscreen also helps with brightening the skin and protecting it from the external environment with Vitamin C and antioxidants!







If you have Acne skin and would like to find a suitable Sunblock during summer, there is the Rojukiss Enca Acne Control Sun Cream. Green tea water and Chamaecyparis obtusa water takes good care of fatigued and sensitive skin. Herb extracts such as Rosemary, Jasmine and Lavender provides skin with moisture and nutrient to keep skin moist, calm and soft. It also contains an SPF of 35 and PA+++.



[Rojukiss] Enca Acne Control Sun Cream



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