Wishtrend Men Series 1 : Achieving A Natural Radiant Look with Gatzmen


Like I’ve mentioned before – I’m part of the Wishtrend.com team now. Here is my 2nd article dedicated to the men readers here! Have fun guys! This isn’t a review btw! The reviews for these products will come later on.


Today, Wishtrend will be doing a mini-tutorial for men who wants to have a natural flawless look.  As the social status of women grows more open around the world, men are no longer just competing with themselves but with women as well. Men now need to groom in order to be relevant to today’s world. Why shouldn’t men want to look beautiful and take care of the skin?



Let’s jump to the tutorial below :

Products used :

1/ Gatzmen All In One Lotion

2/ Gatzmen Big Moisture Cream

3/ Gatzmen Blemish Cover Stick

4/ Gatzmen Oil Tapping Powder

5/ Liz K UV Protection Color Veil

No photoshop have been used in the process.



Step 1 : Prepping The Skin





After washing your face, prep it with the Gatzmen All-In-One lotion. This lotion is a toner + lotion + essence which explains it’s thicker and milkier texture than your typical toner. It has the typical texture of a serum and absorbs quickly into the skin to hydrate it. Enriched with Niacin , Angelica Roots, Pomegranate Extract, Jojoba Oil etc.. – it not only hydrates the skin but has skin brightening, anti-aging, and skin firming qualities.



Direction :

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  1. I know you don’t post pictures of yourself often, but I kneewww that wasn’t you! Thank you for the tutorial; I’d like to try this on my boyfriend someday, hehe!

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