Winter hair mask

Winter hair mask
In winter, every girl faces such factors as insufficient intake of vitamins into the body. And then this frosty wind! All this is bad for the body. So it is necessary to watch the appearance more carefully in the winter. In these months, the hair is exposed to the greatest stress. To maintain the beauty and health of hair, you need to start taking vitamins. First of all, the locks need vitamins C, A, E – take this to your notice. And still it would not hurt to regularly make special hair masks.

Do not less than once a week, a potato hair mask – in winter it will be a real salvation for your hair!

How to prepare a winter potato mask? Peel two potatoes, grate. Whisk in a separate bowl one egg yolk, add a teaspoon of liquid honey, shallow salt and any vegetable oil.

Mix everything thoroughly with a gruel from a shabby potato, apply to the scalp, then distribute the mass over all the hair.

Now tie the head with a warm towel, after about forty minutes, wash the hair with a mild shampoo that suits your hair type.

After this procedure, it is recommended to rinse the curls with water, acidified with citric acid or vinegar.

With regular use of this mask, the hair will become softer, more docile.

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