Why you need a night cream for skin care

Why you need a night cream for skin care
Experts recommend everyone to go to bed until 23 hours, and every time at the same time. Since at this moment there is a favorable period, when the skin begins to recover after daytime stress. It tests it during the daytime, when there is an active protection against free radicals, ultraviolet, pollution of the external environment. Physically, this is not noticeable at all, but the skin condition worsens by the end of the day, it becomes dull, there are small bruises under the eyes.

A healthy dream can erase signs of fatigue from the face, strengthen protective barriers – as a result, in the morning your skin is fresh, without swelling and fine wrinkles. But it happens that it is not possible to go to bed on time because of household chores, or the dream does not last long, because of what you constantly do not get enough sleep. What will help restore the morning freshness to the skin in this case?

Night cream will help you. Apply it recommended for an hour or a half to sleep. Only then the cream will have time to completely absorb, and in the morning you will not find edema. Do not forget that the skin before applying night cream needs very thorough cleaning (and make-up including). Check the quality of cleansing you will help any tonic for the face. After you rub the skin with a cotton disc with this remedy, there should be absolutely no traces left on it.

It is not advisable to use day cream instead of night: the morning remedies are designed to retain moisture inside the skin, so after sleep you will wake up with strong swelling. But night creams are aimed at restoring and nourishing the skin. They, as a rule, contain complexes of vitamins (A, C and E) and collagen. And pay attention to the fact that the night cream does not contain a UV filter, because during sleep it will prevent breathing of the skin.

Not the least role in choosing a cream is the texture of the product and its smell. If you pick up a cream with a pleasant aroma, then it will help to relax and fall asleep more quickly. In the meantime, you will relax, a tool designed to care for the skin during sleep, will actively take care of the beauty of your skin.

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