Why ugly people do not happen

Why ugly people do not happen
The phrase "ugly people does not happen" often looks like a consolation. But if you are ready to accept that there are no ideal people, beauty will cease to play a decisive role for you.

Что подразумевается, когда говорят: «Этот человек красивый»? В подавляющем большинстве случаев — внешность. А теперь представьте картину: идет очень красивая, в вашем вкусе, girl or a charming man outwardly.

Tight body, proud posture, thick hair, regular features … Unable to withstand, you decide to get acquainted. Come, start talking, and you hear inaudible mooing. Outwardly this person is still beautiful, but has he remained as pleasant, interesting?

Или представьте противоположную ситуацию. Вы в новом коллективе, знакомых нет. Скучаете. Вдруг к вам обращается совершенно невзрачный человек — мужчина or woman, to whom it is more interesting to represent.

Dull hair, small eyes … Nothing but irritation, it does not cause in you. But here he begins to talk to you. And … more interesting, understanding companion you have not met. Will his appearance have the same meaning? Hardly. And maybe, over time and in its appearance you will find a completely indescribable attraction.

All this says only one thing – about subjectivity. For you, the same person in one minute was both beautiful and disgusting. So what is he really like?

He is only in your eyes, in your perception. Therefore, when meeting people, you should not judge them without knowing more deeply. What-something beautiful certainly there. One and the same actor different people perceive in their own way.

Yes, there to say – putting a hand on the heart, and you can remember how people who love you, and those who only gave an indifferent look. Therefore, each person for someone necessarily be beautiful – body or soul, or even all together.

So, you can find this beauty in everyone. It is necessary only to want. But you will agree, it is always more pleasant to seek and find something good, and not vice versa.

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