Why thinning hair

Why thinning hair
Luxurious head of hair – this is an undoubted advantage of appearance. If you notice a few hair on the comb, this is not a cause for concern. But if the hair literally begins to pour, it indicates some kind of disturbances in the body.

You will need
  • Medicinal shampoo, preparations for improvement of blood supply, ozonotherapy sessions, cryotherapy sessions, massage.
In men, baldness occurs in the genetically engineered age, and in women this process can occur at any time. The statistics show that thinning hair disturbs every fourth woman. The most frequent reason for this is constant stress. Every time a person is nervous, it affects the hair negatively. Chronic fatigue, prolonged depression, daily problems at work: all these factors affect the hair follicle.

Chronic and acute diseases. Not surprisingly, the general health of the body also affects the condition of the head of hear. Hair loss can begin during such illnesses as tonsillitis, influenza, pneumonia or pneumonia with high fever. Also, hair loss is due to concussion, rapid weight loss, significant loss of blood and many other diseases.

Hormonal disorders and lack of vitamins. In women, hair loss is observed because of the excess of the male hormone testosterone. Usually this occurs during puberty, menopause, and also after childbirth. Because of hormonal failures, there is a very large loss of hair, which you only have to wait. If the hair lacks vitamins, they begin to drop out intensively. Especially women complain of hair falling out when they are on a diet or for some reason restrict themselves to food.

Rates of taking medicines. There are many medications that worsen the condition of the hair. These are antibiotics, antidepressants, contraceptives, steroids. When a person stops taking medication, the problem of hair falling out recedes.

Improper hair care very often causes them to fall out. It is enough to overdo the hair when staining and they will start to climb. Also, the hair condition can be affected by improperly chosen care products: shampoo, conditioner. Too frequent use of a hair dryer at maximum mode, as well as forceps for styling, inevitably leads to hair loss.

Methods of hair restoration and growth should be advised by a doctor. He can appoint special shampoos and masks, drugs to improve the blood supply to the head, cryotherapy and ozonotherapy, vibromassage, massage with liquid nitrogen and other methods. Any massage is prohibited for pustular, fungal, inflammatory diseases, eczema and chronic alopecia.

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