Why there is a rash on the face

Why there is a rash on the face
Eruption of mass of acne on the face often occurs unexpectedly and at a completely inopportune time. Therefore, before you get rid of the rash, you need to identify the cause of its appearance.


Because of what there can be an eruption

To find out why there were small pimples on the face, it is necessary to remember everything that happens during the previous week. This could contribute to several reasons:

 Incorrect gastric activity or some foods consumed. These include fatty or sweet foods. If you eat too much of this food, it may well cause an eruption of acne.

An allergic reaction to hair, dust or pollen may also appear as a rash on the face.

Insufficient care of the skin of the face. For example, for several days the skin was not subject to cleaning and the foundation cream was not washed away. Perhaps the skin in this way, responded to the use of new cosmetics for face care.

A rare case when the rash can be caused by skin parasites, for example, mites that live in the pores of the skin.

Another cause may be a hormonal malfunction caused by menopause, pregnancy, breast-feeding, etc.

Means to combat rash

When the cause could not be identified, it is worth to consult a specialist. If the reason is known and simple, for example, you ate a large amount of sweet or fat, then you can cope with it yourself.

There are several procedures that help improve the condition of the skin. The first of these is to wash your face regularly with warm water. So the skin is a little dried. You can use lotions that contain alcohol. Another means of fighting the rash – a bath based on St. John's wort or chamomile. At the same time, it is necessary to make changes to your food list, eliminating sweets, too fatty and spicy food.

During the fight with the rash, it is best not to temporarily use makeup and refuse to use scrubs, as they can injure the skin. It is better to take care of the skin using professional means.

If this is not possible, you can do it with popular means. One of them is a decoction based on birch buds. In this broth, wet gauze and put it on the face.

You can also use the ground leaves of plantain. They need to cover their face and leave for 20 minutes.

Another remedy is raspberries. Kasha from berries for a few minutes is applied to the skin of the face. Then it is washed off with water.

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