Why the orchid turns yellow

Why the orchid turns yellow
Orchids pretty capricious and demanding in the care. Inexperienced growers are facing a lot of difficulties in growing these plants. It is often difficult to understand the causes of a malaise.

Quite often, yellowing leaves or stems causes anxiety. Most likely, this happens for a natural reason – aging. At the same time, only the lower leaves begin to turn yellow. Also change the color starts the flower spike after the flowering period. In this case, the leaves after drying are very carefully removed, since they can hide "sleeping" kidneys under them, they can easily be damaged. After the leaf completely withers, it will easily separate from the plant. The yellow and withered flower spike is cut with scissors or a sharp knife.

Yellow orchids can also from changing the place of "residence". They are very demanding for light, temperature and humidity conditions. Changing any of these components of care can temporarily lead to plant disease. To help him acclimatize, you should try to create the most favorable conditions. For each species of orchids they are their own. With proper care, the plant will quickly return its beauty.

A fairly common cause of yellowing the plant is improper irrigation. And most often the plant is watered excessively. In this case, the roots can start to rot, and the plant itself turn yellow. So that it does not die, it is necessary to dry the roots for some time and to sort out the substrate, which can also rot. The lack of orchids is much less common, since they easily manage without moisture for a long time.

It is very important not to overfeed the orchids. Top dressing with liquid fertilizers should be carried out not more often than once a week during the flowering period. Now produce fertilizers specifically for orchids. They should be added to the water during irrigation.

Орхидеи очень требовательны к освещению. Они не переносят прямого солнца, но недостаток освещения самым пагубным образом отражается на их внешнем виде. Посмотрите, какой лист начал желтеть. Если это дальний от окна, то дело действительно в нехватке солнечного света. При выращивании орхидей на северной стороне следует позаботиться о подсветке, а на южной о затемнении. При этом следите, чтобы не было сквозняков. Хотя орхидеи любят свежий воздух, холодный ветер негативно влияет на их самочувствие.

On the window of the orchid lies another enemy. This is hot air from the batteries. In addition to drying out roots, it also significantly reduces the humidity around the plant. It is possible to fight with this by placing a number of containers with water or using an air humidifier.

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