Why the hair is cut off

Why the hair is cut off
Most people they are familiar with – the cut ends of the hair, from which it is not so easy to get rid of. Even shaving does not help, after a couple of weeks the problem returns and everything starts again. If you know why this is happening, then the reasons for it, you can cope with the very misfortune.

The reasons why split hair, can be several. A haircut is called a sequestering, split into two, three and sometimes even more parts. This can occur both at the end and throughout its entire length. Most often, the reason for the appearance of this problem is mechanical.

The main suspects in this case are the wrong combs that injure the hair. The next culprit is the owner of the hair himself. As is known, long hair is cut long. The longer the hair, the older their tips are. During the day they are constantly fighting about something: the owner's shoulders, his clothes, rub against the pillow. All this load does not go in vain and one day leads to a breakdown of the hair.

Washing does not harm the hair, but drying is very even. Wet hair stretches stronger than dry, faster and injured. They can easily be damaged by the usual friction on the towel or hot air from the hair dryer. Another risk factor is coloring, in which, under the influence of chemicals, flakes of hair are lifted, helping the paint to penetrate inside. The rinse-conditioner applied after the procedure smoothes them back. If the conditioner was small or it was distributed unevenly, the hair remains "open", begins to separate, that is, to be cut off.

Sequestering hair can not be glued back, you can only take preventive measures to ensure that they do not have seized farther. At least once a week, it is worth putting on the hair mask, which will create a protective layer, which prevents possible future trauma. Shampoo and rinse aid for daily care should also be from the series "for damaged hair" or "against split hair." Therapeutic serum, oil against split ends – all this can easily be found in the cosmetic department of any large store. Well, you can not forget about a regular visit to the hairdresser. Cutting the tips once in a month and a half or two will not only not shorten the hair, but will also promote their faster growth, and a healthy appearance will be a pleasant bonus to an updated hairstyle.

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