Why stretch marks appear

Why stretch marks appear
Stretching (or striae) is a skin lesion that is the result of the healing of micro-ruptures of elastic and collagen fibers. They appear in the form of shallow thin white or small scars of pale pink color, as well as large longitudinal burgundy-blue scars, which in time acquire a light color.

The most common stretch marks are formed on the chest, abdomen, buttocks и hips during of pregnancy и в период быстрого увеличения массы тела. Однако нередко их можно наблюдать у teenagers and athletes with a sharp change in weight. For the occurrence of striae, it is not enough to mechanically stretch the skin. Gaps are obtained either as a result of poor elasticity of the skin, or as a result of disturbances in the processes of tissue repair.

The most common cause of the appearance of stretch marks is the hormonal imbalance in the body (for example, in adolescence, when there is a rapid change in the adrenal and ovaries, the production of hormones is doubled). Another example is pregnancy, during which the hormonal cycle changes, and with it the structure of the skin, the forms of the mammary glands, abdomen and thighs.

Often striae are formed as a result of an individual or hereditary predisposition of a woman to fullness. In the latter case, scars can be present on the body of the mother, elder sister and other family members.

The appearance of striae can be caused not only by hormonal changes in the body. Among such causes, there are diseases such as Cushing's syndrome, in which the adrenal gland function is disrupted. An increase in the amount of hormones released by them can indicate a tumor.

Also, with the appearance of stretch marks, violations of the functions of the endocrine system are associated. Such phenomena should cause you a feeling of anxiety and the need to seek medical advice.

The presence of stretch marks on the body is a serious problem, talking about changes affecting all layers of the skin and bringing woman a lot of aesthetic dissatisfaction. Strings in themselves are not dangerous. but reasons their appearance should be clarified. If the formation of stretch marks is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, changes in body weight, the appearance of facial hair, breasts and back, with a visit to the hospital is not worth it.

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