Why pimples appear and how to get rid of them

Why pimples appear and how to get rid of them
Specialists of various fields argue that there is no single answer to the question of the cause of the appearance of acne. There are a lot of them, so an independent struggle with acne will only exacerbate the situation. Only consultation at the dermatologist and delivery of analyzes will help to establish the reasons of occurrence of spots on a skin.

Here are the main reasons for the appearance of acne:

  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improper diet;
  • improper skin care;
  • hormonal failures.

The process of the appearance of acne is triggered when the formation of sebum prevails over the rate of its release. The stagnation of fat begins, after which it leads to its oxidation.

How to prevent the appearance of acne and regain its beauty?

First, you need to pay attention to consumed food. The main enemies: fast food, fast food, too fried and fatty foods, carbonated drinks, instant coffee, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes. If possible, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of such products to zero and replace them with a healthier and lively diet: salads, fruit, cottage cheese.

The second important factor, which should be noted – amount of liquid consumed. This includes not tea or compote, namely "live" (unboiled) water. You can use filtered, but preferably from a natural source. The organism of any person consists of 70 – 80% of water, and its role in the work and health of the body is indispensable. Consumption of at least 1,5-2 l of water, will supply each cell of the body with water. After all, every cell of the body – as an individual, who needs to monitor personal hygiene and, accordingly, use water. It is necessary to feel responsibility at this stage to understand how important water is to the body. Today on the Internet you can find different water activators, which saturate the water with active substances. Some of the most effective are silicon, quartz and schungite. Shungite is the most interesting of its kind. It is believed that it arose due to the fall of the meteorite 2 billion years ago, which explains its molecular structure of cosmic origin. And also the use of therapeutic baths and cosmetic masks with the use of schungite will benefit.

Wrong skin care and the abuse of cosmetics provokes the appearance of acne. Choose the most gentle and natural means for skin care and makeup, even if they are little popular or difficult to access. It is desirable to clean the face in the morning and in the evening and use paper disposable towels instead of terry ones.

It is also important to monitor the regime of the day and adhere to a healthy lifestyle. These include:

  • healthy sleep;
  • physical exercises;
  • correct diet;
  • avoidance of stressful situations.

It is important to know that when dieting its quality and result depend on the correct use of water. Reception of water and food should be separate. Use water for 30-40 minutes before meals and after 1-3 hours, depending on the severity of the food.

Do not despise consultation with a doctor. All of the above tips will not do any harm, but will only help in eliminating acne.

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