Why nails are ribbed

Why nails are ribbed
Sometimes the condition of the nail plate may indicate the presence of some disease. The ribbed structure of the nails is acquired both due to internal changes, and as a result of external influence.

Вызывать ребристость могут нарушения сердечно-сосудистой и дыхательной систем. Подобные изменения бывают и из-за проблем со щитовидной железой, а также железодефицитной анемии. Повреждения и травмы ногтевого ложа, респираторные заболевания, сахарный диабет, воздействие некоторых лекарств и токсинов, а также болезни пищеварительного тракта также могут способствовать образованию ребристой поверхности on the nails.

Nails can become ribbed due to malnutrition, with a shortage of keratin in the body. This is due to an insufficient amount of vitamin B in the body, a small intake of water – less than 2 liters per day. In addition to these reasons, the body may have a deficiency of vitamins, such as selenium and vitamin A.

Plaque failure may occur due to mechanical damage during the procedure edged маникюра. Например, при неаккуратном отодвигании кутикулы можно занести инфекцию, которая спровоцирует ребристость.

Pay attention to the location of the ridges – it can be vertical or horizontal. Vertical nail ribs are ridges, located from the cuticle to the tip of the nail, and, as a rule, are not a sign of the disease. It is quite ugly looking horizontal ribs, which evenly extend along the nail from one side to the other.

Try to prepare salt trays for nails ежедневно не менее 15 дней подряд. Для этого 1 ст. ложку обычной или морской соли растворите в маленькой чаше, добавьте в полученную жидкость несколько капель лимонного сока, йода или масляного раствора витамина А и опустите в него кончики пальцев на 20 минут. После этого нанесите на кожу вокруг ногтей питательный крем или масло для кутикулы.

The ribbed surface of the nail can be a physiological feature, in this case, treatment is not necessary. Include in the daily diet more greens, pomegranates, buckwheat, carrots, melons, red meat.

If the nails are stained constantly, do not use detergent liquids that contain acetone. Nails should be rest periodically, at this time they should be moistened and covered with a special protective compound, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Another cause of damage to the nail plate may be fungus or eczema. In this case, there is an itchy skin and redness around the nail. In that case, contact a dermatologist, he will prescribe you a cure.

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