Why nails are cracked and what to do about it

Why nails are cracked and what to do about it
Owners of strong and healthy nails can only be envied, their fingers look perfect even without manicure. And what to do to those who have fragile nails and puffing?

Why nails are cracked and what to do about it?

When the nails begin to separate, most of us begin to cut them, thinking that this procedure will save the marigold, but this opinion is erroneous. To nails were strong and healthy, you need to eliminate the cause, causing delamination of the nails and carry out the proper care of the hands.

Why do the nails begin to separate?

The reasons leading to a similar result are quite a lot:

Presence of chronic diseases

Mostly it concerns diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver or kidneys, as well as prolonged stress or taking certain medications.

Deficiency of nutrients

Unbalanced diet or a very meager diet can lead to the development of vitamin deficiency. The lack of vitamins will affect not only the general state of health, but also the appearance of a person, especially the skin, hair and nails will suffer.

What vitamins and trace elements are needed?

Nails are a modified bone tissue, so to maintain them you need to consume enough calcium. A lot of it is contained in dairy foods, seeds, nuts, legumes and so on. Important in this case, and silicon, it is also in legumes, chicken and quail eggs, whole wheat bread, berries. If the nails began to separate as a result of stress, then the body lacks magnesium, its main suppliers are bananas, chocolate, various kinds of nuts and so on. To properly form bone tissue, sulfur is also needed, it can be obtained from meat products, phosphorus, it is found in fish and dairy products, as well as B vitamins.

If no significant changes in the diet are expected, then it is necessary to take synthetic multivitamins, they will help make nutrition more balanced.

Poorly made manicure

Even with adequate nutrition and no diseases, the nails can begin to separate, and the reason for this is a poorly made manicure. During the correction of nails, you can damage them with blunt scissors, nippers or blunted saws. To damage the nail plate can be excessive use of gel-varnishes or prolonged wearing of nails.

Excess of moisture

For fans of daily general cleaning, especially with the use of aggressive detergents or cleaning gels, it is recommended to use rubber gloves, otherwise you can dry the skin of your hands and make your nails weak and brittle.

What it is necessary to do, that nails did not separate?

First of all, it is necessary to check the state of your health, because some diseases can last for a long time almost asymptomatically. If the state of health is satisfactory, then some recommendations should be followed:

– full sleep, always in the dark and without distractions, such as the included TV;

– a well-planned day, during which it is necessary to find time for walking or sports;

– a properly formed diet, in which must be present fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, fish, lean meat;

– to increase stress resistance, you can do it with the help of watching a good movie, walking with girlfriends, baths or saunas, in general, everyone has their own ways.

How to care for nails?

If the nail plate began to separate, then to try to revive it is already useless, there is only one way out – to cut off the nail with sharp scissors.

For strengthening and health of nails, they need daily food, for this purpose, different oils are suitable: olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cosmetic oil with vitamin E, etc. Do not forget about moisturizing, for prevention use different trays, for example, with sea salt, with gelatin, with lemon juice and so on.

To ensure the inflow of nutrients to the nail plate, you need to massage your fingers regularly, especially at the base of the nail. In the cold season it is necessary to wear gloves to avoid drying the skin. Hand wash only with warm water, soap, especially antiseptic, use only when necessary.


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