Why is an infrared sauna useful?

Why is an infrared sauna useful?
Infrared sauna is available in many beauty salons and fitness clubs. Basics of exposure to infrared rays on the body are very simple, they penetrate deeply into muscles, tissues, the body. As a result, the body temperature rises, the heart rate accelerates and harmful substances are released from the body.

Похудение с помощью инфракрасной сауны

Based on a simple principle of infrared sauna эффективно помогает в процессе похудения. Волновое излучение активно воздействует на мягкие ткани, обеспечивает их разогрев и ускоряет движение молекул. При этом сосуды расширяются, улучшается кровообращение. Обменные процессы происходят быстрее, всего за тридцать минут нахождения в инфракрасной сауне большое количество калорий.

From the muscles begins to excrete extra lactic acid, so the infrared sauna – this is a valuable find for athletes.

Increased body temperature

Within one twenty-minute session, skin temperature can rise to 40 degrees, and the internal temperature of the body – up to 38 degrees. This is due to artificial heat, hyperthermia. The raised temperature of a body perfectly stimulates an immune system of the person, leukocytes which resist illnesses, and also an interferon and antibodies start to be actively developed. Under the heat activated sweat glands that protect the body and relieve it of toxins. Sweat cleanses the skin and reduces the internal temperature of the body, not allowing the body to overheat.

Перед посещением инфракрасной сауны необходимо проконсультироваться с врачом.

Useful effects

There are many diagnoses in which an infrared sauna is effective:
– diseases of the bladder and kidneys;
– cardiac dysfunction;
– Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
– diseases of ENT organs (ear, nose, throat);
– problems of excess weight, cellulite;
– заболевания опорно-двигательного аппарата;
– detoxification of the human body;
– restoration and strengthening of immunity;
– psychological disorders.

The use of infrared sauna has been proven clinically. This is an excellent gymnastics for blood vessels, heating helps prevent early formation of atherosclerotic plaques. It is easy to stay in an infrared sauna, you get a normal flow of oxygen, the heating of tissues is due to the intensification of metabolic processes under the influence of rays. Visiting this procedure is a kind of cardio training. Cardiac contractions increase, the heart strengthens.


You should refrain from visiting an infrared sauna in the following cases:
– psoriasis, neurodermatitis or skin diseases;
– malignant tumors;
– endometriosis, prostate adenoma, uterine fibroids;
– гипертония, гипотония;
– arthrosis, arthritis;
– cystitis and nephritis in the stage of exacerbation;
– ischemic heart disease, tachycardia, heart failure;
– thyrotoxicosis.

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