Why hair falls out

Why hair falls out
Hair loss can become a real problem for both women and men. Although the reasons for this may vary. As a rule, a person is able to stop the loss of hair, changing the way of life. Because of hair loss, do not get upset if it occurs within normal limits. If on the comb every day there are whole strands, then this is an occasion to reflect and try to save your hair.

For the average person, normal loss of 40-100 hair a day is normal.

Influence of environment and lifestyle

Одна из самых распространенных в современном мире причин повышенной потери волос – стрессы, которые вредят организму в целом. Стрессы связаны с образом жизни, к которому относится и постоянный недосып, и неправильное питание с недостатком витаминов и микроэлементов, и питьевая вода с высокой степенью жесткости и вредными примесями. В последнем случае можно попробовать кипятить водопроводную воду для мытья головы, чтобы снизить ее жесткость и т.д.

Another reason is the adverse effect of the environment. This can be increased radiation, the presence of harmful emissions in the atmosphere. To some extent, this can include chemical imbalance in the body, caused by the taking of any medication, for example, antibiotics and hormones. Adverse effect on hair bulbs is in the cold without a hat.

Importance of hair care

Falling can cause and improper care for hair and scalp. Improperly selected care products can disrupt blood supply hair bulbs, make dry hair and scalp, cause dandruff, aggressively act, etc. Sometimes it can help change shampoo and conditioner, use masks with vegetable oils, honey, tincture of pepper. In addition, do not tighten the hair in a tight tail and do other tight hair.

Учитывайте, что вредит волосам как слишком частое мытье, так и редкое, когда накопившийся кожный жир препятствует усвоению питательных веществ кожей головы и ее дыханию.

Hormonal problems in men and women

One of the most unpleasant causes of problems with hair is hormonal. In this sense, the risk baldness for Men higher. This is due to the fact that the hormone dihydrotestosterone in them quickly and more often accumulates in the upper layer of the head, which leads to hair loss. This is largely due to heredity. But also among women Hormonal changes in the body can cause hair loss, often temporary. This can be pregnancy, the onset of menopause, the onset of sexual activity, as well as endocrine disorders and various diseases.

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