Why does hair fall out after birth and how to stop it?

Why does hair fall out after birth and how to stop it?
Every woman who has become a mother, agrees that pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a lifetime. And when you are given the opportunity to experience this moment again, you try to enjoy every minute of your condition. You probably noticed that your skin has become more smooth and blooming, and hair has acquired volume and luxury. The thing is that the hormonal background in your body changes.

But, unfortunately, many mothers start complaining that the locks are climbing, almost in bundles. Some people notice that they have rhythms. Your family members find your hair just everywhere: on the bed, on clothes, in the bathroom and even in food. And each one asks himself if it is worth while to panic about this.

The reasons for that, of course, are, but they are all quite natural. Therefore, to panic is still not worth it. But let's see, why, so it happens?

During pregnancy, the hormonal background changes. First, the body tries to regain the lost time and the amount of hair increases significantly. After childbirth, the reverse process occurs, because the body returns to its normal state, with a double load when feeding the baby. All overgrown hairs begin to fall out. You absolutely do not lose anything unnecessary. Your head of hair returns to normal as before pregnancy. Within a year your condition should come back to normal.

But if you observe excessive loss every day with tears in your eyes, then several recipes of beauty will come to your aid.

During breastfeeding, this restoration should be treated with intelligence. It is not necessary to buy up various chemical products in the stores, because after all they will fall into your milk.

The best salvation will be folk methods of treatment:

1) Rinse your curls with decoctions of natural herbs (chamomile, string, nettle, St. John's wort). They help to strengthen the hair bulb. Do this every time after washing.

2) Once or twice a month you can wash your head with a beer solution, not your usual shampoo.

3) Hair masks. If hair loss is strong, burdock or castor oil is recommended. Before washing, massage with massage movements and leave oil for two hours. After the procedure, rinse with warm water, and then rinse your head with shampoo.

Another great recipe based on honey. Take one tablespoon of honey and add aloe juice to it. Preheat the mixture. Meanwhile, peel one clove of garlic and crush it in the garlic. Mix all the ingredients. Apply on locks for one and a half to two hours.

4) Massage your head every time before washing for ten minutes. You should feel how the scalp burns a little. At this moment, blood circulation begins to work intensely, which affects the growth and strengthening of the hair.

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