Why do I need concealer

Why do I need concealer
Concealer is a cosmetic product that helps to mask skin imperfections. In contrast to foundation, it is not applied to the whole face and decollete area, but only to problem areas – for example, acne, dark circles under the eyes.

The main purpose of concealer

Such a cosmetic product is particularly dense due to the increased content of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. It, unlike the corrector, does not change the shade of the skin due to the mixing of colors and visual correction, but simply closes all the spots. In most cases, concealers have a flesh tint and are distinguished by a wide variety of tones, since they should ideally match the color of the skin.

The concealer allows you to get rid of even such problems as large acne, allergic rash, red spots, ugly dark circles under the eyes, bruises in a matter of minutes. It is enough to apply this remedy, "drive" it with your fingers into the problem area of ??the skin and shade the boundaries. In most cases, the concealer is used only for camouflage, but there are also special medications with a powerful antibacterial effect. They not only hide pimples and blemishes, but also smooth out the shade of the skin, dry the problem areas or, on the contrary, moisten them. As a result, removing cosmetics from the face a few hours after using concealer, a person discovers that the skin has become more attractive than before applying the product.

For the area around the eyes, you can use only special concealers, checked and approved by ophthalmologists. Such products not only have a special composition that has the most gentle effect on the skin, but also often have reflective properties. This allows them to create the effect of shining eyes, without adding the skin to an ugly fat gloss. If you want to emphasize the beauty of your look, choose a suitable concealer for this purpose.

Different types of concealer: why they are needed

Consilers are divided into two types according to their consistency. The first type includes funds with a dry, dense texture. Most often they are produced in cosmetic pencils and other similar products that are convenient to store in your purse. Such concealers last longest remain on the skin and well mask faults. The second type is creamy liquid preparations. They are especially relevant in case you need to moisturize your skin or hide freckles and small moles.

A separate kind of cosmetics – dry konsilerami on a mineral basis. Their main purpose is to treat problem points. They are applied with a special pencil, which allows you to accurately delineate the problem area, without touching the healthy skin. Special minerals, which are part of the product, help fight acne in a quick and gentle way.

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