Why do I need a white eyeliner?

Why do I need a white eyeliner?
A white eyeliner does not belong to basic necessities. However, it can be useful to those who dream of big eyes or likes to experiment with makeup. Choose a soft waterproof liner – it will come in handy for face correction, suitable as a support for shadows and help create an unusual and extravagant image.

Great features of a small pencil

Most often a white pencil is used for visual correction of the eyes. Inflicted on the inner eyelid, it visually enlarges the eyes, makes the proteins fresh, and the iris – brighter. White color is useful for dark smoky make-up – it will add contrast, making the eyes even more expressive. White pearl eyeliner is perfectly combined with a black pencil on the upper eyelids, dark ink and metallic shadows.

It will come in handy white pencil and the owner of close-set eyes. Liner can paint over the area near the bridge of the nose, and then carefully grind the pencil so that it almost merges with the skin. This reception is especially good for girls with fair skin.

A soft pencil with success will replace the base under the shadows. Shade it with the upper eyelid, rub the strokes with the applicator, and from above apply shadows of bright or pastel shades. The color of the shadows will become more pronounced and rich, besides, they will last longer and will not be collected in the folds of the eyelids.

Белым карандашом можно корректировать не только глаза. Нанесите его по контуру губ – тонкие штрихи сделают рот соблазнительно пухлым.

Another option for using a pencil is an original contrasting make-up. Apply to the eyelids bright or metallized shadows, and then circle the eye contour with a pearly white pencil. You can do otherwise, highlighting only the inner part of the eye and darkening the outer one. This make-up looks spectacular with artificial lighting and is suitable for creating an avant-garde evening make-up.

Сделав макияж белым карандашом, положите его в косметичку – не исключено, что вскоре линии потребуют коррекции.

White pencils: what they are

В продаже можно найти средства разных текстур. Самый популярный вариант – puffy or a waxen sharpening pencil in a wooden case. There are also softer automatic liners, very convenient to use.

Correctly choose a pencil texture. For podvodki mucous suitable waterproof means – lines applied by such a liner, will hold for several hours. For eye correction, choose a very soft powder pencil, it blends well, almost merging with the skin. Spectacular evening make-up is done with a pencil with mother-of-pearl, on the skin it will create beautiful overflows. Even more flashy is the option with a metallic gleam.

If you plan to use a white pencil as a liner, choose a thin lead. To create a substrate or eye correction, a thicker liner will do. Convenient and double pencils, on the one hand they are equipped with a white slate, and on the other – black or colored. Such a tool allows you to make a complete eye make-up, it only needs to be supplemented with mascara.

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