Why do girls make breast piercings?

Why do girls make breast piercings?
Breast piercing is very popular lately. It is made to make the breast look more sexy, and also to increase the sensitivity of the nipples. Ear piercing has long been used for various rituals. In ancient Rome, piercing was a symbol of courage and courage and was very popular among the guards of Julius Caesar. In the Victorian era, piercing was done to improve the shape of the breast.

Puncturing the nipples is being done for different purposes, most of the girls have noted positive changes and sex life after the puncture. Naturally, there is a small risk of infection. But this can be avoided by constantly processing the puncture by various means.

If you decide to do piercing of the nipples, it should be borne in mind that you can feel worse at biting, kisses and similar caresses. Also, piercing can help fix the shape of the nipples. Most of the girls who breastfed, the nipples become flat and ugly. It's very easy to fix it by making a piercing. The nipples become more prominent.

The nipples before the puncture must be brought into an excited state, then the places through which the needle will pass are made, after all the manipulations the piercing itself is done. Remember, if you have small nipples, the puncture will be very difficult to implement. In some individual cases, this is completely impossible.

Types of piercing

The piercing can be vertical or horizontal. What type of piercing you decide to do depends only on your preferences. You should know that this procedure is more complicated than you think. But you do not have to worry if you make a puncture from a professional.


As decorations usually choose rings, bars, and also half rings. You should choose titanium hypoallergenic jewelry, which can be purchased at specialized stores. Do not buy such products anywhere in the subway crossing. Cheap jewelry is often made of poor-quality materials.

Healing of punctures

Punctures heal within a few months, because of this you can not swim in open water so as not to infect an infection. You can take a shower, just do not rub the puncture site with a washcloth. You can treat piercing with a weak solution of chlorhexidine, do not use alcohol or iodine for this purpose.

If you have uncomfortable sensations, burning and pain in the area of ??the puncture, you should contact the master who has been piercing you to rinse the wound. Purulent discharge from the nipple indicates that you have been infected. In this case, it is desirable to remove the jewelry and wait for a while until the puncture is healed.

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