Why do girls consider themselves fat

Why do girls consider themselves fat
The modern beating industry has created a false standard of beauty. Those beauties that are published in glossy magazines, does not really exist. All this beauty is the work of photoshop and professional photographers. However, no one talks about it openly, and the girls unsuccessfully try to follow the feykov ideal.

When a girl watches magazines, fashion shows, Hollywood movies, she sees beauties with perfect proportions without fatty folds. Faced with such a flow of information, the unknowing girl will get a lot of complexes.

Откуда же берется идеальный образ  

In fact, the pages of magazines do not publish original photographs, here is placed the work of many people. At first, stylists are engaged with a star. Pick the right make-up and clothes, style your hair. Then the photographer asks the star to take the necessary poses. After the photo session, the pictures are sent to the editorial office, where they are brought to the ideal using Photoshop. Such a great job is required before the moment the photo gets into the magazine, but people are not told about it, but are presented with the model as an ideal.

Men, after watching such magazines, dream of a girl with similar parameters. They are already unimportant in nature, habits, and personality of the chosen one. All that interests them are shapes. Men think that there are they will find such a beauty, it will increase their authority in the eyes of others. Women know this and are eager to match. So there is a substitution of values. Outward appearance, not internal qualities, comes to the fore.

The beauty industry came up with an effective marketing move. Women are taught that it is necessary to be perfect. On such a feminine aspiration well earn fintes-trainers, beauty salons and even magicians who promise to get rid of problems. In addition, women spend a lot of money on fashionable clothes and a variety of cosmetics. After all, without this, as advertising says, you can not be perfect.

Reasons for complexes

It is known that fashion designers sew their clothes only for slender people. Therefore, a girl with magnificent forms can not choose her outfit and will consider herself fat.

If a girl looks at glossy magazines, she sometimes compares herself with ideal models and finds many shortcomings. It is worth remembering that there are no people with ideal parameters, and if there is, then this is more an exception to the rules, and not the rule itself.

Particularly complex women aged, they think that their men are constantly looking at young, slender beauty, and they do not notice. Hence complexes are born. Such women should remember that being young is always impossible, and now it's important to emphasize the beauty of your age.

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