Why do eyelashes fall out?

Why do eyelashes fall out?
Beautiful and healthy eyelashes can give an incredible look to the look. But under the influence of some factors, they weaken and begin to fall out. In this case, not only the aesthetic side suffers, but the protective function of the eyelashes also decreases. There can be many reasons for this.

Причины выпадения ресниц

The natural loss of eyelashes is normal. For a person, as a rule, this process goes unnoticed. It is similar to daily hair loss. On a place of dropped out eyelashes grow new. This phenomenon can be noticeable in the case of slow growth of young cilia.

Eyelashes can begin to fall out when allergic reactions to cosmetics, in contact with the eyes. In addition to carcass, it can be eye shadow, make-up remover, etc.

A lack of vitamins can also lead to this unpleasant phenomenon. Loss of eyelashes due to this cause in most cases is observed in winter and spring, when the body is experiencing a deficit of some useful elements.

Malnutrition is another reason that can cause eyelashes to fall out. Observance of diets consisting of one or several products may well lead to this, since the body needs a varied diet.

The cause of loss of eyelashes can become diseases of the eyes and internal organs. This is facilitated by the use of antibiotics or some other medications. Do not discount the stressful situation.

Effects on the loss of eyelashes

To strengthen the eyelashes and stop the process of their loss, before bedtime, cosmetics should be removed from the eyes using sea-buckthorn, olive or vegetable oil. It is not recommended to remove makeup from your face with soap, as it dries the skin and makes it unstable to external influences.

You should take seriously the choice of cosmetic products for the eyes. They should not be overdue. In addition, you need to carefully consider the composition of cosmetics, because it can contain components that can cause allergies. For some time, instead of the usual carcass, it is recommended to use vitamins, which include eyelash strengthening proteins, keratin, protein and melanin.

When vitamin deficiency should be a special set of vitamins to strengthen nails and hair, containing the necessary amount of vitamins A and B, important minerals. You can buy them in any pharmacy.

In the daily diet, it is recommended to include foods such as fish, cheese, greens, meat, cereals, seeds. It is worth less to eat fried, smoked, sweet muffins, soda. Having achieved the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, you will see that eyelashes will cease to fall out in large numbers.

If desired, you can use special means for the growth of eyelashes. They cost not cheap, but the result will be visible already in 2 weeks after the beginning of their application.

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