Why can the face swell?

Why can the face swell?
Very often, before an important event, it is necessary to get rid of the puffiness of the face, which occurs for various reasons. No cosmetic means will help to hide the defect, if not to identify the source of the problem.

Следует отметить, что отеки на лице могут появиться у любого здорового человека, но если отечность возникает без видимой reasons, it is necessary to be examined, since in some cases the specialist prescribes medicinal preparations.

As a rule, the most frequent case of puffiness of the face in the morning is the excessive use of fluid before bed. Most often it happens in the summer, when the street is unbearable heat. A large amount of fluid enters the body, and the body in turn can not cope with the withdrawal of water and sodium, so swelling is unavoidable.

Also, puffiness of the face can become a symptom of diseases of the genitourinary system, disorders in the work of the kidneys, thyroid gland diseases. For example, people who abuse alcoholic beverages form a separate category. Also, during pregnancy, a woman's face can swell, as the load on all internal organs and body systems increases substantially.

If dyspnea is added to puffiness, this indicates that there are problems in the functioning of the cardiac system. The formation of cyanosis on the face in a combination of puffiness is a sign of vascular disease.

Also, swelling on the face is a sign of a lack of certain trace elements and vitamins. Therefore, very often during diets, severe overfatigue (lack of sleep), the person may swell. To eliminate edema it is recommended to eat a balanced diet and rationally distribute the work and rest time.

If there are additionally rashes on the skin and human breathing becomes more difficult, this can be the cause of the development of an allergic reaction of the body (for example, cosmetic, food, bite of an insect). In this case, you can not do without antihistamines.

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