Why appear Wen

Why appear Wen
Wen or Lipoma – a benign neoplasm of rounded shape, soft and painless to the touch. Most often it is located in the neck, back, shoulder or thigh. Lipoma is only a cosmetic defect and does not pose a health hazard.

Lipoma develops from fat cells – adipocytes. Normal adipocytes are not capable of forming a tumor. Under the influence of oncogenic factors there is a change in the genetic apparatus of cells, which leads to the fact that they begin to exist autonomously, i.e. not obeying the signals of the body.

Among scientists there is no consensus on reasons, leading to the development of tumors. 4 groups of cancer development factors are distinguished: chemical, physical, viral and genetic. Chemical factors include carcinogens (nicotine, some preservatives and dyes, industrial emissions) and hormonal imbalance. To physical – ultraviolet, X-ray and radioactive radiation. Viral factors in the development of tumors include infection with the Epstein-Barr virus (one of the varieties of the herpes virus), hepatitis viruses, human papillomaviruses. Genetic predisposition to oncological diseases develops as a result of a hereditary defect in the cell's genome, thanks to which the organism can not independently suppress tumor growth.

Changed (atypical) adipocytes begin to divide uncontrollably, forming the bulk of the lipoma. Often a connective tissue begins to germinate between the fat cells, which separates them from each other, forming "lobules". Parallel with the connective tissue, blood vessels grow into the tumor, providing nutrition to the intensively multiplying cells. Besides, wen can contain mucous and muscle cells.

The size of the tumor can vary from a few millimeters to a dozen centimeters. Its growth can not be stopped; development occurs in isolation from the whole organism. In contrast to malignant neoplasms, lipoma does not form metastases and does not lead to death.

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