Why after the mesotherapy of bruises on the face

Why after the mesotherapy of bruises on the face
Mesotherapy is an injection method of skin rejuvenation. With the help of microscopic needles, hyaluronic acid or special cocktails are introduced into the middle layers of the dermis, consisting of rejuvenating components. The skin is saturated with moisture, the processes of production of collagen and elastin are activated. As a result, without radical methods, a significant reduction in wrinkles can be achieved. Bruises on the face that appeared after mesotherapy – a side effect, which is difficult to avoid.

The cause of bruising after mesotherapy

Despite the fact that the procedure for skin rejuvenation is carried out using microscopic thin needles, whose diameter does not exceed 0,3 mm, intradermal injections can cause bruising, bruising.

The more experience a cosmetologist has, the fewer side effects occur after mesotherapy. That's why, if you decide to take a course of rejuvenating injections, very carefully approach the choice of beauty salon.

And yet, you must be prepared for the fact that bruises and bruises on the skin can appear. This is a side effect of mesotherapy, which does not affect the effectiveness of the injection method of rejuvenation.

Microscopic blood vessels are located a short distance from the skin surface. If they are damaged, a hemorrhage occurs in the subcutaneous layer. This also provokes the appearance of bruises and bruises.

With the rapid introduction of hyaluronic acid or rejuvenating cocktails microfracture of the dermis tissue takes place, which also leads to the formation of bruises and bruises.

Mesotherapy is strictly contraindicated for people with diseases of the hematopoiesis system, in which the process of blood coagulability is violated. After the procedure, in such patients the whole face can turn into a solid bruise.

How to get rid of bruises after mesotherapy

After mesotherapy, the cosmetologist gives detailed instructions to the patient about skin care. Redness, swelling, traces of injections, bruises and bruises pass for several days.

Places where bruises or bruises have formed can be lubricated with heparin or troxevasin ointment 5-6 once a day for seven days, making masks from badyagi. It is not necessary to visit the sauna, sauna, beach, solarium.

Bruising after mesotherapy is a reversible phenomenon. But the patient should be alerted if severe pain occurs in the areas of bruising and bruising, swelling of the tissues does not go away within three days and the local skin temperature has increased. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Currently, an increasing number of business women who can not continue to be active due to the appearance of bruises and bruises to continue active life, as non-invasive methods choose non-injection mesotherapy. In this procedure, rejuvenating components are introduced into the deep layers of the dermis by electrophoresis, phonophoresis or laser biorevitalization. Side effects with this method of rejuvenation are completely absent, and the result is not worse than when injecting.

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