Who will use coloring hair?

Who will use coloring hair?
Coloring is a special method of staining hair strands. In contrast to melioration, in which no more than two colors are used, coloration can be performed using up to ten colorants.

Coloring options

Hair coloring is one of the available ways to change the appearance. It can be done by professional hairdressers or independently in domestic conditions.

To make the initial coloring, it is recommended to consult a specialist, as the hair grows, you can paint them yourself.

There are different coloring options. By the type of execution, it is transverse and longitudinal. With the longitudinal method of staining, various shades are applied over the entire length of the hair. At the transverse there are smooth transitions from dark shades to light ones, so the hairstyle looks very natural. With this method of coloring, the color will stay much longer.

In appearance, coloring is multicolored, neon, pearly, patterned and Californian. With multicolor staining, a wide range of shades is used, which is suitable for almost any woman. Such a coloring on dark hair emphasizes lighter and darker strands.

Pearlescent staining is very popular abroad. For its implementation, use a special paint, changing its color under different lighting conditions. Thus, the effect of transfusion is achieved. This coloring will look very good on blond hair. Very neat colors are used for neon staining. Another variant of such coloring is popular, when only a few strands of hair are bright.

Калифорнийское колорирование создает плавный переход от темных корней до платиновых кончиков. Подобное окрашивание сложно отличить от натурального цвета. Узорное колорирование – это создание узоров и рисунков на волосах при помощи трафаретов. Оригинально будут смотреться светлые узоры на темных волосах или, наоборот, темные узоры на светлых.

How to choose the right coloring option

For women with dark hair, multicolor coloring is better, which will help to change the image. You can create a unique hairstyle by combining the longitudinal and transverse staining methods. For those who like experiments, patterned coloring will suit, it will emphasize individuality and style.

Patterned coloring on dark hair looks very impressive, so this kind of staining is quite popular among the stars.

Women with blond hair can choose the coloring of natural tones, which have one color range. Coloring on such hair also allows the use of dark colors. For light curls, you can apply and pearlescent staining, and neon. You can choose chestnut, reddish, ashy shades of strands. To choose a suitable option, you can see pictures of hairstyles with different types of coloring.

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