White clay for masks from acne

White clay for masks from acne
Today, many women use masks from various types of clay to maintain their beauty as an excellent cosmetology tool. And this procedure brings the desired effect. Today the variety of types of cosmetic clay is quite extensive. You can see in the pharmacies yellow and blue, white and gray, even brown clay. All of them are curative, but you should know how and for what to use this or that clay for health and as a cosmetic. White clay from acne is currently considered to be the most effective remedy in dealing with problem skin.

Характерные качества белой глины

Эффективность этого средства достаточно весомое. Белая глина способствует отбеливанию и тонизации, при этом считается отменным способом против появления прыщей и пятен после них. Кроме того, эта глина прекрасно очищает кожный покров и оказывает разглаживающее действие.

Before you prepare the mask, you should make sure that the white clay has been well cleaned and sifted. Be sure to clean the face skin well before applying, and then remove the product with a simple moist wipes. Do not use soap in any way.

To prepare a mask from white clay from acne, you can take an egg yolk, honey about one spoon and olive oil. Add a teaspoon of clay and a little water. Mix all ingredients thoroughly, and then apply to the skin of the face.

Against acne, the following mask is no less effective. To make it, you need to mix white clay, grape juice and a little bit of floral honey.

In addition, you can use another mask of acne. To prepare such a useful tool, mix in equal proportions blue and white clay and add a little bit of broth from medicinal herbs. It can be infusion of chamomile or nettle, calendula or St. John's wort. Apply this mask to the skin, and leave it until completely dry.

Дополнительные рецепты

Cosmetic masks based on white clay, preferably done twice a week, then you can achieve some results in the fight against pimples. Acne is quite a frequent and unpleasant problem, so many people are trying to find their own effective prescription that could quickly get rid of such trouble.

One of the means to help clear the skin can be the next mask. To make it, you need two teaspoons of clay and one – bodyagi, which is sold in pharmacies in the form of powder. All these ingredients are mixed and diluted with water. At the end of time, when the mask dries, you need to moisten your face.

Choosing white clay as a curative against acne, it should be understood that before you start self-medication, you need to know all the subtleties about your skin.

Any applied tool can behave ambiguously, that is, show how, on the good side, and not very pleasant.
Even a simple mask is capable of not helping, but on the contrary, greatly aggravating the condition of the skin. Do not risk your own beauty – first you need to get a qualified advice from a specialized specialist who will determine how sensitive the skin is and how she will perceive the masks in which there is white clay.

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