Which Vitamin Cream is suitable for my skin?



A Vitamin A Day Keeps The Dermatologist Away. So with the launch of the Skin&Lab on Wishtrend, a brand that uses vitamins to cure and heal skin problems – Wishtrend will be explaining the different Vitamins that are available on the Skin&Lab brand and which one would be best suited for your problems or needs.


The Vitamin Story


The skin, is the largest part of the body, is always exposed to stressful environments. This stress can be caused by oxygen-free radicals which can be caused by UV rays, pollution and diet. So this is where the vitamins and minerals come in – they act as antioxidants which are the most scientifically proven ingredient to remove these free radicals.

Taking multivitamin pills on a regular basis can help alleviate this stress, but however, this amount is insufficient to expect significant changes in the skin. In order to enjoy the benefits of vitamins, you do need to apply additional vitamin application on your skin.

Since each vitamins and minerals have its distinct roles on the skin, you should supply proper vitamins and minerals apt to your skin – then only you can apply corrective complex to perform to your expectations.


For years, vitamins have been recognized as extremely valuable ingredients in all kinds of cosmetics.

Vitamins offer various benefits to the skin as suppression of pigmentation and bruising, stimulation of collagen synthesis, refinement of the skin surface and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The antioxidant effect is particularly appreciated since free radicals generated by UV Rays or polluants effectively neutralized and no longer able to damage skin cells. Vitamins can therefore significantly improve the performance of cosmetic and personal products. The most widely used vitamins in cosmetics are Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Provitamin B5.

– The Essential Role Of Vitamins in Cosmetics ( T.Bombei )


Which Vitamin Cream is suitable for my skin?



Vitamin A is known as the gold standard in anti-aging cosmetics. They have been proven in numerous scientific studies and there are three times the number of studies on Vitamin A than any other vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, or peptides.

So the most popular Vitamin A used in cosmetics is Retinol. There is a difference between Retinol or Retinoid , so don’t get them confused. Retinoid is only available by prescription and Retinol is available over-the-counter. Vitamin A forces your skin cells to turn over at a faster rate, therefore bringing new fresh cells to the skin’s surface.


You will need the Skin&Lab Vitamin A Cream if you have these symptoms :

1. Loss of elasticity in the skin

2. Pillow marks do not disappear easily in the morning.

3. Rough skin texture.

4. Wrinkles and lines around the mouth, crow’s feet appeared and begun to take shape.





Which Vitamin Cream is suitable for my skin?


Vitamin B has shown great promises in acne-fighting. They not only help in fighting acne – but Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B5 have been used in a great number of cosmetic products because of it’s ability to retain moisture. Niacinamide, another byproduct of Vitamin B, serves also as an effective skin-lightening agent. Topical niacinamide also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a potential treatment for acn
e, and troubled skin.


Skin&Lab Vitamin B Cream is for those who :

1. Want to eradicate repeated acne problems by treating the root cause of acne

2. Has used previous trouble products were too dry and sometimes hurt their skin.

3. Wants to prevent skin troubles before the ‘time of the month’ ( for ladies )

4. Want to prevent skin troubles whenever the seasons change.




Which Vitamin Cream is suitable for my skin?



Vitamin C is probably the most popular vitamin and often associated with brightening! It’s an antioxidant which effectiveness have been proven in numerous studies. Vitamin C can protect the skin from UV damage caused by prolonged sun exposure by reducing the amount of free radical formation. Another benefit of Vitamin C is the ability to stimulate and enhance the synthesis of collagen which can strengthens structural support and resilience of the skin.


The Skin&Lab Vitamin C Cream is for you if you :

1. Want to make my skin brighter from inner-skin darkness.

2. Want radiant, beautiful and clear skin.

3. Want to prevent skin aging against the UV rays.

4. Think that you look much older due to freckles and blemish spots.

5. Have Pigments/Spots caused by UV Rays ( Sun Damage )





Which Vitamin Cream is suitable for my skin?



Vitamin E is an ingredient that appears in almost every skincare formula but you probably haven’t noticed it as it is named as ‘tocopherol’ on the ingredient list. It has powerful moisturizing ability that helps repair dry, rough skin. It is also a potent antioxidant which fights off free radicals caused by UV rays. The Vitamin E Cream can also increase the effectiveness of sunscreens and must be applied 20 minutes before sun exposure in order for Vitamin E to be absorbed deep into the epidermis layer.


The Skin&Lab Vitamin E Cream are for those who would :

1. Like to have moist skin all day by recharging water 24-hour.

2. Want to protect my skin from daily UV rays.

3. Want to have shiny skin and sleek hair texture.

4. Want to protect anti-aging in advance.

5. Want to avoid having cakey makeup and dead skin cells due to the uneven skin cell.




Which Vitamin Cream is suitable for my skin?


Vitamin K have been popular lately especially in eye treatment products. Vitamin K helps constrict the capillaries under the skin making dark circles look less obvious. Dark eye circles are caused by many reasons – one of the main ones being leakage of the capillaries under your skin. As the skin under your eyes is thin, it makes the leaking capillaries visible as dark circles. Vitamin K enters the skin, all the way to the damaged capillary to help clot the blood, stopping any seepage/leakage and allowing the tissue to heal itself. It can be used for spider veins as well.


If you have ever come across these thoughts at the bottom, the Skin&Lab Vitamin K cream is for you :

1. I am a shy person with reddish skin/veins on my cheek.

2. My friends make me fun of my dark and shady eyes and call me a panda.

3. I need some kinds of cosmetic products that can reduce my bruises cased by laser surgery and promote skin regeneration.

4. I want to wipe out reddish blemish on my face from troubles on the skin.





Mixem Up!


Don’t forget that these creams can also be mixed and use at the same time! Here are some great ideas on how to mix these creams up :




For even better results and absorption, SkinLab also has created blend of vitamin essence with herbs,plant extracts, etc which are specially formulated to fight two major skin problems : troubled skin, and aging skin.




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